Are Guinea Pigs Ears Sensitive? (What You Need To Know!)

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At a point in time, you may have noticed that your cavies act strangely when they hear loud noises. 

During that moment, you’ll possibly be thinking, are guinea pigs’ ears sensitive?

Yes, guinea pigs’ ears are sensitive to high-pitched sounds compared to humans. They also hear perfectly well at high frequencies. 

However, ensure you don’t expose the pets to loud noises as it can affect them negatively.

I believe you now know why your cavies act funny when they hear loud noises. This means you’ll have to keep the noise down all the time.

But why are guinea pigs’ ears sensitive?

Continue reading and you’ll find out!

Why Are Guinea Pigs Ears Sensitive?

One main reason guinea pigs’ ears are sensitive is for protection purposes. Observe these small animals and you’ll notice they are always alert.

If you walk into their cage or hold one of them suddenly, they’ll all be scared

Surprisingly, cavies depend on their ears for survival. Their sense of hearing plays a great role in allowing the animals to notice the presence of predators. 

When a predator is heard and noticed, the guinea pigs can successfully run to safety.

Even from long distances, a guinea pig can hear the sounds of large animals. Thanks to their sensitive ears!

Can Guinea Pigs Tolerate Loud Noises?

A Guinea Pig With Sensitive Ears

No, guinea pigs cannot tolerate loud noises because of their nature. Like rats, hamsters, and other small pets, cavies are always trying to hide from sources of harm.

Besides, their ears are very sensitive, which makes seemingly low noises loud to them. 

Regular exposure to loud noises can make your guinea pigs become stressed. 

In the long run, they can begin to show signs of aggression. Usually, the pets behave this way because they believe their lives are in danger.

Therefore, always try to reduce the sounds from your mobile devices whenever you’re around these small pets. They’ll feel free to be around you all the time.

Can Guinea Pigs Die From Loud Noises?

Yes, guinea pigs can die from loud noises if you’re not careful. Understand that noises do not harm them directly, but their reaction to the sound.

Normally, sudden loud noises can make your cavies afraid. So when they hear loud sounds, the small pets can experience shock which can lead to death.

Being very small, defenseless animals, guinea pigs are usually exposed to predators. And in the wild, they’re always hiding from these large animals to stay safe. 

Suddenly hearing loud sounds can make these tiny creatures afraid and stressed.

Moreover, they are crepuscular animals that take regular naps in the daytime. If the pets are unable to get good sleep during the day, they may also suffer from stress.

Eventually, symptoms of stress can affect these guinea pigs’ hearts, thereby leading to death.

Although death from loud noises is not common in guinea pigs, it can happen.

Do Guinea Pigs Feel Pain In Their Ears?

Yes, guinea pigs can feel pain in their ears, although it’s not common. The inner ear or middle ear infections can cause your cavy to feel pains. 

Besides, your guinea pig can feel pain in the ear if his cage-mate bites him.

Signs you’ll notice in the affected cavy include:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Scratching the ear constantly
  • Swelling in the affected part
  • Ear discharge
  • Rolling from one place to the other

If you notice any of these signs, you should seek professional help. Bear in mind that a guinea pig’s health condition can get worse within a short time.

Guinea Pigs Ear Problems and How To Care For Them

Infections are the common cause of ear problems in guinea pigs. These health issues happen when bacteria enter into the ears of your cavies.

Here are the 3 common ear problems that affect guinea pigs:

1. Otitis Interna

Also known as Labyrinthitis, Otitis Interna affects the inner ear.

It causes swelling and pain in cavies. Sometimes, it happens when bacteria from the middle ear move to the inner part of the ear.

Preferably, always keep your guinea pigs’ environment clean.

2. Otitis Media

This is a middle ear infection that can affect your small pets. They are classified into two – Acute Otitis Media (AOM) and Otitis Media with Effusion (OME).

Although the two types of infections cause pain, OME causes discharge from the affected ear.

Once you notice fluid is coming out of your guinea pig’s ear, visit the vet.

3. Otitis Externa

Just as the name “externa” suggests, Otitis Externa is an infection of the external part of the ear. It causes swelling and pain and should be treated quickly.

Ear mites, lice, or flies can spread bacteria on the ears of your guinea pig, thereby causing infections. Moreover, ear wax build-up can also expose your tiny pets to the risk of infections.

In addition, respiratory infections such as pneumonia can cause infections of the ear.

How To Care For Them

A Pet Owner Carrying Her Guinea Pig

Consult your vet immediately if you notice signs of discomfort in your guinea pig. They’ll likely run a test, to determine if the cavy is infected or suffering another health problem. 

There’s also a chance the vet will prescribe painkillers to reduce the infection symptoms.

Often, treatment is dependent on the affected part of the ear, whether outer, middle, or inner.

Still, they’ll recommend some antibiotics to get rid of the infection permanently. The doctor may also ask you to clean the affected cavy’s ear with antiseptic fluids.

Take Note:

  • Maintain good hygiene in your guinea pigs’ cage
  • Ensure the sick cavy is comfortable, eats healthy diets, and drinks clean water
  • Remove everything that can cause stress from their environment like loud noises
  • Follow the vet’s instructions properly; do not miss a drug dose and do not overdose.

Final Thoughts

Guinea pigs’ ears are sensitive and so should be kept in quiet places.

Loud noises are in no way beneficial to your guinea pigs. Instead, it exposes them to fear, which may cause stress and death.

Like humans and other animals, cavies can experience pain in the ears. Otitis Interna, Otitis Media, and Otitis Externa are major guinea pig ear infections.

Visit the vet doctor if you notice signs of discomfort in your small pets.

Finally, keep your cavies’ environment clean, feed them healthy diets and avoid exposing them to loud noises.

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