Are Mice Fast Creatures? (VS Other Animals – SOLVED!)

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Mice can sometimes disturb your house without being seen. In fact, TV cartoons always show them as fast and clever animals!

But is this true about them?

Quick answer – Yes, mice are fast creatures. 

They usually run fast to avoid being caught by their predators.

Although they can walk about 9 cm per second, they would prefer to run.  This is because they can not stand a chance in the face of their enemies.

Their speed is their main defense mechanism to stay away from predators. 

You just learned that mice are fast creatures, would you also like to know how fast they are?

Let’s continue reading to know more.

How Fast Are Mice? 

Mice can run up to 8 mph (28.8 kph). This doesn’t look fast but for their size it is!

But for a better understanding, this 8 mph(28.8kph) is equal to the average speed of a human running up to 160 mph (576 kph)

Their weight of 0.67oz (19g) and length (3.5 inches) help them to maintain balance while running, and that undoubtedly explains why they can be so hard to catch.

How Do Mice Move So Fast?

Mice move so fast with their four legs, tail, and tiny claws. These help them to grab rough surfaces and climb them.

They are exceptional climbers and runners mounting vertical surfaces (tree trunks or masonry buildings), cables & wires, power lines, pipes, etc.

There are not many animals that can do this. In addition, mice use their whiskers to evaluate surfaces, either rough or smooth.

They do this to know if the surface is scalable and the possibility of them sustaining an injury when they fall. Mice can survive a fall of about 10 to 12 footwall.

The Battle Of Speed:

Here’s a comparison between mice and their major predators regarding speed and agility.

Are Mice Faster Than Rats?

Yes, mice are faster than rats.

Mice run faster simply because they are smaller in size (not more than 20 cm) and can push themselves through small spaces and tiny holes.

Although both animals cover the same distance of 8 miles per hour, mice appear to move faster.

Are Mice Faster Than Humans?

Yes, mice are faster than humans. 

They can run up to 8 mph, which is comparable to an average person’s speed of 160 mph.

But with exception of the world’s fastest runner “Usain Bolt’’ who covers 200m in 9.58 seconds.

Humans are better runners than mice but not faster than them. Our bodies are wired for endurance at a more steady pace and not speed.

Mice run faster but they cannot maintain that pace for a very long time, at this point they get tired, and a human in good shape can outrun them.

Due to this, a person can target a mouse and pursue it until it falls and passes out from exhaustion.

Are Mice Faster Than Cats? 

A house cat chasing a mice at night
CTRO: for illustration purposes only

No, mice are not faster than cats. This is the reason why cats are good at capturing them.

Cats can move about 4 times 30 mph (108 kph) faster than mice. 

If mice were not quick and smart, they would be regular breakfast for cats because they are quicker.

A cat can also leap or pounce across long distances. Therefore, mice won’t always survive unless they are very watchful and alert.

However, mice may squeeze below and into tight spaces that a cat cannot follow.

Mice use their senses of hearing and smell to detect cats’ predatory activities. When it is safe, they come out to fetch food.  And to return to the security of their nest, they will bring as much food as possible. 

Cats will always have mice as food since mice reproduce a lot and they are faster than them.

Are Mice Faster Than Dogs?

No, mice are not faster than dogs.

According to research, dogs are faster than cats and mice.

This simply means that dogs run way faster than mice.

The top speed of an average dog is 31mph (50 kph) while that of a mouse is 8mph (13 kph). Although some dogs can be faster, running up to 45 mph.


In summary, mice are fast creatures that use their speed as a defense mechanism against predators.

They can run up to 8 miles per hour with their legs, but cannot maintain the same endurance throughout.

Mice have been featured in literary works and fantasy stories as proof of their real-life behavior.

They are faster than rats and humans but cannot run more than cats and dogs.

Now you know mice are fast animals and their major reason is to escape predators.  Would also like to know if they can live together with rats.

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