Can Guinea Pigs And Ferrets Live Together (Solved!)

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Keeping ferrets and guinea pigs as pets seems like a good idea. They are both friendly and small animals that love being around humans.

But can guinea pigs and ferrets really live together?

Quick answer – No. Guinea pigs and ferrets cannot live together. Despite being almost the same size, ferrets can harm your guinea pigs in many ways.

Therefore, avoid keeping both animals in a single cage.

Now, I believe you understand these tiny pets will not relate well when living in an enclosure. What are the main reasons you shouldn’t put your guinea pigs and ferrets together?

Keep on reading to find out!

2 Reasons Not To Put Your Guinea Pigs & Ferrets Together

1. Ferrets Are Predators

A Ferret Relaxing On A Bed

Keep in mind that ferrets are carnivores; flesh-eaters and they can kill guinea pigs. They are predators to animals like rabbits, rats, mice, and even guinea pigs.

Running after their prey is easy because they are small and can make their way into hiding holes. And this is one main reason people keep the ferrets as pets – to prey on other tiny animals.

Although ferrets make good pets for humans, they are dangerous to other small pets.

So, it is better to keep your cavies in a separate cage to save their lives from danger.

2. Guinea Pigs Will Be Exposed To Stress

Constantly being around predators like ferrets can make your guinea pigs feel stressed. They are quiet, fearful animals that love being comfortable in their environments. 

Understand that guinea pigs are prey animals that are always running from predators.

Having sensitive ears allows these cavies to sense the presence of ferrets from a distance. This can cause stress in your guinea pigs because they’ll be afraid all the time.

Moreover, they may begin to bite, lose appetite or even withdraw completely from you.

Would Ferrets Eat Guinea Pigs?

Yes, ferrets can eat guinea pigs. They are good at hunting prey such as rats, rabbits, mice, and other small prey. 

Although guinea pigs are highly skilled at running away from predators, ferrets are good at chasing prey too.

Unlike cats and dogs, ferrets can chase down a small animal into a tiny hole. So even when they’re well-fed, your ferret pets can eat your cavies.

Owning Guinea Pigs & Ferrets (What To Do)

Perhaps it’s already late when you realize ferrets and guinea pigs cannot live together, just relax. While this action is not advisable, you can take some actions to prevent problems.

Here are 3 main things you should do:

1. Ensure Their Cages Are Not Too Close

One sure way to keep your ferrets and guinea pigs together in a house is to separate their cages. Not only that, do not allow their paths to cross because your cavies may get killed.

Naturally, ferrets do not relate well with other small animals. Allowing your guinea pigs to stay close to them is a bad idea.

2. Wash Your Hands And Clothes Regularly

Apart from separating their rooms, ensure the ferrets and cavies do not smell one another. All animals have a unique odor, which they can leave in your clothes or body. 

So, if you carry your ferrets for long, they can begin to smell on your body.

Handling your cavies at that moment can cause them a lot of stress. Even though they did not see the ferrets, they’ll smell them on you and may begin to feel scared. 

Helpful Tips!

1). Choose a particular cloth that you’ll always wear when visiting your ferrets’ cage and when going to your Cavies’ cage.

2). Wash your hands well after leaving each pets’ cage.

3). Keep both animals’ toys or beddings in separate places as their scent can linger on them too.

3. Shut Their Cages Perfectly

Here’s one amazing thing about ferrets – they have a flexible body. Combined with their small sizes, ferrets can enter your cavies’ cages if there’s an opening.

Besides, guinea pigs can also enter your ferrets’ cage by accident.

Both situations should be avoided by all means because your guinea pigs’ lives will be at risk.

What Animals Can Live With Guinea Pigs?

A Group Of Guinea Pigs Eating Together
Surprisingly, the only animals that can live peacefully with guinea pigs are other guinea pigs. Pet animals like cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits, and ferrets cannot live comfortably with them.

Despite being social animals, cavies understand one another more than other animals.

In the wild, they move in groups and interact with themselves to prevent boredom. Moreover, guinea pigs feel safe and happy when they live and play together.

So, it is better to keep a few of them together in a cage than with other animals. Just ensure you combine them the right way to prevent problems.

Usually, two or three male cavies will get along well if there is no female among them.

Understanding your guinea pigs’ personalities is important before pairing them to live together.

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What Animals Can Live With Ferrets?

Cats and dogs can live with ferrets without any problems. However, you need to introduce the two animals before anything else.

While ferrets can hunt down cavies, hamsters, and cats, they are small and can be hunted too. And that’s why you need to be careful when keeping these pets together.

That said, let’s take a look at how to keep these animals together.

1. Ferrets And Dogs

Before allowing your ferrets and dogs to live together, you need to invest a lot of time and energy in the process. 

Introducing the two animals slowly can prevent the dogs from attacking them.

Another factor you need to consider is the dogs’ temperaments. Terriers, for example, have been trained to hunt small animals, and ferrets are not excluded.

In addition, you should put the dog size into consideration. Larger dogs can harm your ferrets unintentionally or even begin to bully them.

Therefore, ensure your pet dogs are friendly and have a moderate size before introducing them to the ferrets.

2. Ferrets And Cats

Based on experience, ferrets and cats have been known to relate well with one another. Considering their small sizes, both animals do not have issues living together.

Regardless, you need to introduce them slowly, then study their temperaments.

Some cats are aggressive and may harm baby ferrets and vice versa. So, it is important to pay close attention to them before leaving both animals in an enclosure.

Final Thoughts

Now, we’ve come to the final part of this article. But before you go, keep some key points in mind.

Ferrets and guinea pigs cannot live together because of the reasons listed above. Besides, ferrets can also cause stress to your guinea pigs. 

If you plan to keep both animals in the same house, ensure they are in separate cages. Also, make sure their cages are not too close and there are no openings in them.

Finally, remember that guinea pigs live well with one another. On the other hand, ferrets can live with cats and dogs.

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