Can Guinea Pigs Eat Broccoli? (What Parts Are Safe To Eat)

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Broccoli is a bright green vegetable rich in fiber, vitamin B5, C and A. As humans, you must be aware of the different health benefits of including broccoli in your diet. But what about guinea pigs?

You might be wondering, can guinea pigs eat broccoli? Let’s find out.

Absolutely yes! Broccoli is an extremely healthy food option for guinea pigs. It is a great dietary replacement for expensive and artificial guinea pig food available in the market, which lacks important nutrition. However, you shouldn’t overdo broccoli in your guinea pig’s diet, otherwise, it will harm them instead of benefiting them. 

You might be having many other questions in mind like whether you can feed cooked broccoli to your guinea pigs or not or can guinea pigs eat the whole broccoli or some parts of it. To answer all your questions, we have come up with this ultimate guide in feeding broccoli to your piggies. 

Let’s quickly start!

Can Guinea Pigs Eat the Whole Broccoli?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat the whole broccoli. Broccoli is a fibrous and healthy option for guinea pigs as long as it is served in a limited quantity. On average, under a tablespoon of broccoli can be included in the guinea pig’s diet occasionally.

Photo of the whole broccoli as a food for guinea pigs

Broccoli has many different parts. You might be curious to know what are the health benefits of these different parts like broccoli buds, stems, etc., for guinea pigs. Let’s look at the next section to find answers to these questions. 

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Broccoli Flowers or Buds?

Yes, guinea pigs enjoy eating broccoli flowers or buds. However, just like any other part of broccoli, broccoli flowers should also be served in moderation to your guinea pigs. Broccoli flowers are also tender and easy to digest for your cavies.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Broccoli Floret? 

Yes, broccoli florets are edible and guinea pigs can eat them too. Broccoli florets are softer and easier to chew than broccoli stalks. Also, they are packed with nutrition and antioxidants which are good for guinea pigs. 

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Broccoli Head/Crown?

Photo of broccoli top as a food for guinea pigs

Yes, guinea pigs can eat broccoli top, head or crown. Make sure you cut broccoli head into small bite-sized pieces for your guinea pigs. Don’t just put the whole broccoli head in front of them to eat. 

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Broccoli Stems?

Yes, just like broccoli leaves and florets, guinea pigs can also eat broccoli stems. Guinea pigs love munching on the stems as they are crunchy. Although its top looks hard, guinea pigs love nibbling on it. 

Moreover, the hard top of broccoli is good for the teeth of guinea pigs. Such hard vegetable parts prevent their teeth from over-growing and keep them in shape. 

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Broccoli Stalks?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat broccoli stalks too. There’s no need to throw away the stalks. Instead, you can cut the stalks into small pieces and let your cavies relish them. 

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Broccoli Seeds?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat broccoli seeds. Broccoli seeds have the same amount of nutrients as the vegetable. Therefore, you don’t have to think twice before serving broccoli seeds to your piggies. 

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Broccoli Sprouts?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat broccoli sprouts. However, make sure you don’t serve fungi infected sprouts to your guinea pigs to avoid health issues. Besides broccoli sprouts, guinea pigs can also chew on lettuce, kale, wheatgrass, and alfalfa sprouts. 

Is Broccoli Ok for Guinea Pigs or Is it Bad?

Broccoli is extremely healthy for your guinea pigs. It’s a fibrous vegetable with high vitamins and antioxidants content. It is rich in vitamin C, B5, and A. Besides these nutrients, broccoli also contains phosphorus, calcium, and iron. 

However, if served in excess, broccoli can be dangerous for your guinea pig’s health. Since it is rich in fiber, it can cause diarrhea if served daily. Moreover, its high calcium and oxalate content can cause bladder stones and urinary problems in guinea pigs. 

Therefore, ensure that you serve broccoli to guinea pigs only twice or thrice a week in small quantities. 

Pro Tip: If you don’t want the broccoli to cause any side effects to your little piggy, it’s always better to try and test. Try serving a small quantity of broccoli leaves or stems to your furry creature and see its reaction. Also, observe how its body reacts and adapts to this new food, and accordingly, you can eliminate or introduce broccoli to your pet’s diet. 

Health Benefits of Broccoli for Guinea Pigs

High Source of Vitamin C: 

Broccoli contains a good amount of vitamin C. Vitamin C is vital for guinea pigs as they cannot synthesize or store vitamin C in their bodies. The deficiency of vitamin C in guinea pigs can cause diseases like scurvy. 

Therefore, it’s important to include veggies rich in vitamin C in the diet of guinea pigs. It’s always better to provide guinea pigs with natural sources of vitamin C than artificial ones.

Rich Source of Fiber: 

Broccoli is a fiber-rich option for guinea pigs. Fiber is extremely important for your cavies as it improves their digestion. Moreover, it’s good for the teeth of guinea pigs. Guinea pigs have open-rooted teeth that are prone to grow oversize. 

If their teeth grow too long, your guinea pig can face discomfort and pain in its teeth. Therefore, fiber is important to wear down guinea pigs’ teeth. In short, broccoli is good for guinea pigs’ gut and teeth health as it is rich in fiber.

Good Source of Phosphorus and Calcium: 

Since broccoli contains phosphorus and calcium, it helps in maintaining good bone and teeth health in guinea pigs. Guinea pigs can develop weak bones and teeth if they are not given proper nutrition. 

Moreover, phosphorus also helps in protein formation which helps in repairing damaged cells and tissues. Furthermore, phosphorus is also effective in maintaining proper kidney function. 

High Water Content: 

It’s important that your guinea pigs remain hydrated for longer periods. Lack of water in bodies can cause dehydration. Therefore, veggies like broccoli that have a high water content are beneficial for them. Broccoli contains 90% of water, which is a pretty good amount. 

Other Nutrients:

Besides the nutrients discussed, broccoli is also rich in nutrients like vitamins A, B, and K, minerals, iron, manganese, potassium, and protein. All these nutrients are important for the overall well being and growth of guinea pigs. 

However, serving too much broccoli to your piggies can lead to health problems too. Let’s see what all health risks broccoli can cause in guinea pigs so that you remain careful while serving them broccoli. 

Health Risks of Feeding Guinea Pigs Broccoli:

Serving broccoli daily to your cavies in large amounts can lead to many health problems. Therefore, never rush while introducing broccoli or any other food to their diet. Let’s discuss these health problems one by one.

Bladder Stones: 

Too much broccoli in guinea pigs’ diet can lead to the formation of bladder stones. Guinea pigs are bad at regulating calcium and oxalate intake. Their bodies utilize as much calcium as they are given.

 Due to this excess calcium, bladder stones can develop in guinea pigs. Therefore, it’s always better to serve calcium-rich treats to your piggies in moderation. 

Digestion Issues and Diarrhea: 

Guinea pigs have delicate stomachs. Giving large amounts of broccoli frequently to them can upset their stomach. Also, broccoli is rich in fiber, therefore, it should be served occasionally to avoid diarrhea and other digestive issues in guinea pigs. 


Feeding large amounts of broccoli to guinea pigs can lead to bloating and gas issues. Since broccoli is rich in fiber and has high water content, it’s advisable to feed broccoli as mini treats to your piggies. 

You should also take precautions while preparing broccoli for guinea pigs. Let’s learn how to prepare fresh broccoli for guinea pigs. 

How To Prepare Broccoli For Guinea Pigs?

One should take certain precautions while preparing broccoli for guinea pigs. Broccoli bought from commercial markets can have chemicals like pesticides and insecticides. Therefore, it’s always better to follow certain steps in order to prepare healthy and delicious broccoli for your cavies. 

Step 1: Buy Fresh Broccoli from Organic Stores

Prefer buying broccoli from organic grocery stores. You will get fresh and chemical-free broccoli there as compared to the ones bought from commercial broccoli harvesters. 

Step 2: Wash Broccoli Properly

The next step is to wash the broccoli thoroughly to remove impurities, dirt particles, and harmful bacteria or pesticides. Make sure you drain the excess water after properly washing the broccoli. 

Step 3: Cut Broccoli Into Smaller Pieces

Photo of chopped broccoli for guinea pigs

Once you wash the broccoli properly, it’s time to cut it into small bite-sized pieces and the broccoli is ready to be fed to your piggies. Isn’t it simple? 

Take Note: Avoid mixing different parts of broccoli while serving it to guinea pigs. You can feed them one part of the broccoli at a time and save the rest for later use. 

Can You Feed Cooked Broccoli to Your Guinea Pigs?

There’s no harm in feeding cooked broccoli to guinea pigs as it will not cause any health issues. However, cooked or steamed broccoli will not help to improve the health of guinea pigs. Guinea pigs prefer raw veggies. 

Moreover, important nutrients are lost when you cook broccoli. Therefore, it’s advisable to serve broccoli or any other vegetables in raw and natural form to your piggies.

Can You Feed Broccoli Noodles to Your Guinea Pigs?

No, mixing broccoli with noodles is a bad idea. Noodles have no nutritional value for guinea pigs and they can make them sick too.

 Instead, try serving raw broccoli to them for their better growth and strong immunity. Fruits and vegetables are the best food for guinea pigs, and hence, noodles and pasta should be avoided. 

Can You Feed Broccoli Slaw to Your Guinea Pigs?

Yes, you can feed broccoli slaw to your guinea pigs. Both slaw and broccoli are rich in nutrients and make a healthy diet for guinea pigs. However, make sure you mix a small amount of slaw and broccoli to avoid bloating and gas problems. 

Can You Feed Broccoli Meat to Your Guinea Pigs?

No, you cannot feed broccoli meat to guinea pigs. Guinea pigs are herbivorous animals, which means they only feed on green leafy vegetables. 

However, if you want, you can mix broccoli with other veggies like lettuce and kale, and prepare a salad. This way, your pet will not be bored of eating broccoli. 

Can You Feed Steamed Broccoli to Your Guinea Pigs?

Yes, you can feed steamed broccoli to your guinea pigs. It will not have any adverse impact on their health. However, it’s advisable to serve them raw broccoli as it retains all the necessary nutrients, unlike steamed broccoli. Therefore, you should try and stick to raw broccoli only. 

What Other Vegetables Can My Guinea Pigs Eat Besides Broccoli?

There are many other vegetables that you can feed to your guinea pigs, besides broccoli. They are: 

Green BeansTomatoesDandelionsGreen Turnips
Bell PeppersZucchiniCornTomatoes

How Much Broccoli Should I Give My Guinea Pig?

You should serve under a tablespoon of broccoli to your guinea pigs (approximately 10 grams) occasionally, depending on how their bodies react to it. Do make sure to serve only a small quantity of properly diced broccoli to your pigs.

How Often Can Guinea Pigs Eat Broccoli?

Broccoli should be given only twice or thrice to your guinea pigs to avoid any health issues. Keep the servings in moderation for the better health of your guinea pigs.

Is Broccoli High in Sugar?

No, broccoli is amongst the vegetables with the lowest sugar content. While raw broccoli contains a negligible amount of sugar, one cup of cooked broccoli has 4 gms of sugar. Hence, both in the raw and cooked form, broccoli has less sugar content. 

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Broccoli Microgreens?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat broccoli microgreens just like they can eat lettuce, kale, cauliflower and other microgreens. 

Final Thought 

Guinea pigs love eating broccoli and other green leafy vegetables. After reading this blog, we are sure that you will not worry about feeding broccoli to your guinea pigs. However, clearly follow the instructions given in this article before serving broccoli to your little pets. 

Don’t exceed their broccoli consumption more than twice or thrice a week. Also, make sure that you serve them finely chopped broccoli in a small quantity. 

If you have already experimented with feeding broccoli to your piggies, don’t forget to share your experience. Do your cavies enjoy broccoli or do they throw tantrums while eating it?

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