Can Guinea Pigs Eat Rabbit Food Temporarily? (Explained)

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If you keep both rabbits & guinea pigs as pets, monitoring their food supplies could be hard.

Let’s assume your guinea pigs just ate all their food, you’ll likely be thinking, “can my guinea pigs eat rabbit food temporarily?

Well, the answer is NO – your guinea pigs cannot eat rabbit food for health reasons majorly.

Keep in mind that some rabbit foods can harm guinea pigs if they eat them. Besides, your cavies need a diet that is rich in vitamin C which sometimes may not be present in rabbits’ food.

Now, I’m sure you know why your guinea pigs shouldn’t run out of food at all.

But what will happen if your cavies taste just a small part of rabbits’ diet?

Sit back, relax, and keep reading as I educate you on reasons you should avoid feeding your guinea pigs rabbit food!

Risks of Feeding Rabbit Food to Guinea Pigs?

As we stated earlier in this article, your guinea pigs need diets that are rich in vitamin C.

Not only that, while your rabbits can eat some diets without having problems, your guinea pigs may not be lucky.

In addition to these, here are the other risks your cavies will likely be exposed to:

Sudden Weight Gain

An overweight guinea pig
Photo Credit: Pixabay

Most times, rabbits can handle lots of fat and protein, which is often found in their food. On the other hand, guinea pigs only need just a small amount of these two nutrients. So, whenever your cavies eat their furry friends’ food, they’ll gain too much weight fast. 

Remember that excess weight in guinea pigs can expose them to the risk of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and other serious health issues.


Compared to other small animals, guinea pigs don’t have strong immunity which means they can contact infections quickly. But with the right diet, especially the ones that are rich in vitamins, your guinea pigs will remain healthy. 

Note that some rabbit food may affect your cavies’ digestive systems thereby causing allergic reactions.

So, there’s a high chance that your guinea pigs will experience symptoms like diarrhea when they eat this type of diet. That’s because they can’t handle it.

Instead of being afraid if your guinea pigs experience unpleasant symptoms, just call the attention of the vet doctor.

May Cause Disability

Major nutrients like calcium and vitamin K are important in guinea pigs’ diet for normal growth.

When they eat rabbit food, these nutrients might be absent in the diet thereby causing poor bone development. In the long run, your cavies will probably have one disability or another.

Choking Hazard

Even though bunnies and cavies are small animals and both herbivores, their digestive system is different.

Diets such as seeds and nuts can cause choking hazards in guinea pigs but may not harm rabbits. This is one of the most important reasons you should avoid feeding your guinea pigs rabbit meals.

May Cause Death

This is another important reason you should not give your cavies food meant for your bunnies.

Do not be surprised that some rabbit diets contain antibiotics, which cannot harm them in any way. However, if your guinea pigs eat these types of diets, there will be a serious problem. 

Try as much as possible to prevent this type of situation from happening because it can lead to death in guinea pigs.

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Can Guinea Pigs and Rabbits Eat the Same Food?

Guinea pigs and a rabbit in the same environment

No, guinea pigs and rabbits cannot eat the same food because they both have different nutritional needs. In other words, both animals depend on different major nutrients to live perfectly.

Also, your guinea pig and rabbit pets have different digestive systems. This means they both don’t process foods the same way.

Considering these factors, it will be best to have the recommended, separate diet for your cute little cavies and bunnies. 

Which Rabbit Food Can Guinea Pigs Eat?

Grass and hay are the two main diets that your rabbits and guinea pigs can eat together. These diets help small pets to grow healthily. Also, you can feed both cavies and bunnies fresh vegetables as they are both herbivores. 

However, seek professional advice about the type of plants you want to feed the animals.

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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Rabbit Food Pellets?

A rabbit eating pellets

No, guinea pigs cannot eat rabbit food pellets because they lack vitamin C. But rabbits are free to eat guinea pigs’ pellets without cause for concern.

Too much vitamin C in your cavies’ diet cannot hurt them but it can harm your rabbit’s kidney. 

If your guinea pigs eat rabbit food for a long time, they can have scurvy and other serious illnesses because the diet lacks vitamin C.

Here’s the point, feed guinea pigs with their pellets and rabbits with theirs!

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Difference between a Guinea Pig and Rabbit Nutrient Requirement

One major difference between guinea pigs and rabbit nutrient diets is the presence of vitamin C.

Naturally, diets that are rich in fiber, vitamins, especially vitamin C, and proteins, are useful to the general health and wellness of guinea pigs. In addition to these, they need a regular supply of hay and clean water too.

Rabbits also need a moderate amount of fats, freshwater, fiber, carbohydrates, minerals, proteins, and vitamins. However, they do not need vitamin C because it can lead to kidney damage.

Having this understanding will go a long way in helping you feed your pets the right way.

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Final Thoughts

No matter the situation, do not feed your guinea pigs rabbit food to prevent health problems. Also, avoid giving your rabbits diets that contain vitamin C as it can cause kidney damage.

Finally, always provide hay, healthy plants, and freshwater to both cavies and bunnies to help them live a healthy and long life.

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