Can Guinea Pigs Feel Love?

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We love our pets and treat them as part of our family. Undoubtedly, you’re doing your best to make your guinea pigs feel love. However, can they really feel love?

Yes. Although guinea pigs are not fully capable of showing that they are experiencing emotions such as “love” but they do.

They may feel “attachment” to some extent, but this attachment is heavily based on how you provide the needs. 

In short, they may also “know” that you care for them but not necessarily “love” them.

Guinea pigs show affection, and here are signs to show that your guinea pigs love you.

7 Signs Your Guinea Pigs Love You

1. No Biting 

If your guinea pig does not bite, it is a sign that they are comfortable with your presence. If the guinea pig is frightened or tense, it will bite if you make any contact. 

There are ways to avoid this nervous reaction, and before you know it, the urge to bite will have been replaced by the desire to nibble your toes.

2. Gentle Nibbling

Guinea pigs nibble on each other as a form of bonding and grooming. Once cavies are comfortable with you, they’ll naturally nibble your shoes or fingers.

Nibbling is different from a bite, so don’t place your hand into the shelter expecting a nibble and getting bitten. 

3. Following You Around

A guinea pig’s instinct is to stay hidden from humans, freeze on the spot, or flee. When they are so comfy with you and follow you around, it’s a sign of affection. 

Even if there’s no treat in store for them, they’ll stay with you at this point in the relationship because of their love for you.   

4. Pushing You To Hold Them

Petting your guinea pig to show love

Guinea pigs are naturally timid creatures. It takes them much confidence to approach you for stroking or holding. You may interpret that as a sign of affection.

To get to this point, you must hand-tame your guinea pig with care and patience. They’ll bond with you once they’ve earned your trust. 

They will not approach everybody this way – only those they love.

5. They Climb on You

When you show guinea pigs the love they need, you’ll become one of their safe spaces. Once you sit down, these cuddly friends will climb on your lap. 

6. When They Want Hand-Feeding

To reach here will take a long time, and it requires a lot of patience. You need to train your guinea pig slowly to get to this stage. Place a trail of snacks leading to your hand. 

Eventually, they will make it to your hand. Once your guinea pigs get used to this, the bond will form, becoming one of the signs of affection. 

7. Playing Around You

A happy and affectionate guinea pig will keep dancing around your feet or engage in “popcorning“. This means jumping in the air, running around in circles, turning, and repeating the wonderful exercise.

How To Show Guinea Pigs Love – 7 Ways

STEP 1: Create The Right Environment

Guinea pigs can become loving and affectionate pets when treated with kindness. 

The first step in creating trusting bonds is to provide a welcoming and safe living environment for your guinea pigs.

Make sure your pigs are kept in a quiet environment at first to get used to their new surroundings. 

STEP 2: Spend Time Together

Interact with your guinea pig as much as you can to create a bond with them. Interaction is a great way to show love, and it’ll make the guinea pigs show the same. 

Being available for them is a clear sign you love them. 

STEP 3: Play With Them

Playing with your guinea pigs for half an hour or more daily is a form of expressing love. When moving your guinea pigs, keep them near your body, so they don’t feel like they’re falling. 

To avoid injury, play on a low-level surface. Allow your guinea pigs to approach you for physical contact and treats for a start.   

You’ll encourage more plays with your guinea pigs as you establish trust. Provide enough toys for guinea pigs like tubes, play balls, and ramps.  

Here are some games you could play with your guinea pigs:

  • Hide and seek
  • Roll a ball
  • Tunnel Race

STEP 5: Treat Them With Kindness

being kind with your guinea pig by feeding them

Guinea pigs are easily startled, so make efforts not to frighten them. Guinea pigs are sensitive to loud noises and a lot of activity.

Being kind will create a comfortable environment for your guinea pigs. 

Never yell at, hit, or “punish” your guinea pigs by withholding food, water, or attention. Any form of unkind treatment can cause your pigs to feel insecure in you and begin fearing you.

STEP 5: Talking to Them

Talking to guinea pigs and getting responses shows that they are becoming used to you. Talk to them while in their cages as you go about your regular caretaking responsibilities. 

When you change their water, add bedding, or feed them, talk to them. Hand out treats so they can begin to associate you with nice qualities and become used to your scent. 

To avoid fighting for attention, give equal attention to guinea pigs in the same cage.

STEP 6: Give Them Floor Time

Guinea pigs love a free environment, and a good way of showing love is by giving them time outside their cage. Free time shows love and builds a bond between you two. 

Every time they see you, they’ll know something good is coming their way. 

STEP 7: Walk With Them

Take a walk with your cavies on a harness leash. Guinea pigs are highly social, and they enjoy meeting other people and pets. 

Keep an eye out for potentially aggressive animals which can attack your guinea pigs. When you take your pig out in public, you’ll need to clean up his droppings.

Final Thoughts

Love and affection is all guinea pigs need. If your guinea pig is always around you and enjoys staying with you, that’s a sign that it loves you. 

That type of bond is as strong as it will be in any other pet. Avoid breaking this affection by treating your guinea pig harshly. 

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