Can Guinea Pigs Play With Hamsters? (5 Reasons Not To!)

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Keeping guinea pigs and hamsters as pets is common in today’s world. Many people would love their pets to coexist in the same environment.

However, can guinea pigs really play with hamsters?

No. Guinea pigs are social animals, while hamsters are loners who can become aggressive regardless of their size.

Hamsters don’t like sharing their territory with other animals. They are nocturnal animals, unlike guinea pigs, making them a bad match. 

You might be wondering how you could tame guinea pigs and hamsters together.

Here are 5 reasons that might stop you from thinking of that! 

Why Guinea Pigs & Hamsters Can’t Play Together?

Both Species are Territorial

Hamsters and guinea pigs are territorial. Hamsters are more territorial than guinea pigs, even among other their own kind.

Putting them to play together might be a problem and may cause serious problems. 

Having them in the same cage, you should expect aggression from the hamster while hissing. The guinea pig will hide in the corners but still show some hostility while squeaking. 

The unimaginable part is that both species fight in fear of losing their territory. 

Difference in Body

Size Comparison -Guinea Pigs are larger and heavier than hamsters

A guinea pig is bigger than a hamster. Guinea pigs are calmer than hamsters, but they have sharper and large teeth.

None of the species is a carnivore; however, both bite when threatened.

This makes them bad player buddies!

Different Cage Sizes

Guinea pigs live in cages with large mesh spaces, while hamsters use small mesh cages. When put together with guinea pigs, hamsters might escape from the cage. 

If you want them to play, you should put them in a hamster cage. Well, this might seem like a solution. However, this is not good for the guinea pigs. 

The space is too small for the guinea pigs. A sizable aquarium is a solution, but playing together is a no because of the earlier differences.

Habit and Behavioral Differences

Hamsters and guinea pigs have a lot of different habits. Guinea pigs are active during the day, while hamsters are active at night.

Putting them together to play means that one of the species is getting disturbed. 

During the day, you’ll disturb the hamster, while at night, the guinea pig. Both pets love to keep their corners for themselves.

Imagine what will happen if you put the two together. 

Social Differences

Guinea pigs are social animals, unlike hamsters which are solitary.

Guinea pigs mostly live in a herd. Because guinea pigs are sociable creatures and incredibly affectionate. This means it is quite unusual for them to bite. 

They are really gentle and well-behaved. You can cuddle your guinea pig as long as they grow accustomed to their environment and human contact. 

Hamsters, on the other hand, are more isolated and silent than guinea pigs. While hamsters may be loving toward humans, without sufficient time to earn their confidence, hamsters bite. 

They must be handled and interacted with on a regular basis in order to become comfortable with you.

Which Animal Can Play With Your Guinea Pigs?

Finding an animal that can play with a guinea pig is quite tricky unless it’s another friendly pig.  

However, it is not advisable to keep two male hamsters in the same environment. However, if they have been together since they were young, it’s okay. 

Otherwise, they are prone to battle for dominance and may harm each other.

It is not a good idea, according to experts, to expose your guinea pigs to play with other pets. Even if your other pets are the friendliest creatures on the planet.

You won’t blame them for hurting your guinea pig when responding instinctively, or even if they’re simply trying to play.

If you want to introduce a play buddy to your guinea pig, ensure you’re around for some time to monitor them. 

Keeping a guinea pig with at least one other nice pig is normally okay unless a vet/clinical animal behaviorist advises otherwise. 

Combinations that work well include neutered males and one or more females, two females, and neutered brothers.

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Which Animal Can Play With Your Hamsters?

Many Hamsters Playing With Each Other

Dwarf hamsters, including Roborovski, Russian, and Chinese varieties, can play with any other pet if introduced early. However, fights can occur regardless of how long they’ve coexisted. 

Rather than getting another pet to keep your company, be your hamster’s friend by spending time with them every day.

Hamsters enjoy human interaction but don’t usually play well with other pets. They are also nocturnal, so they will run around and make noise at night.

Final Thoughts

Raising guinea pigs and hamsters is both entertaining and rewarding. These cute critters are kind, adorable, and simple to care for. 

Nevertheless, since hamsters are solitary creatures, these animals do not get along well when housed in the same cage. So hamsters and guinea pigs cannot coexist—certainly not in the same enclosure. 

Is it, however, advisable?

If you don’t have enough space in your home or don’t want your two pets to be bored on their own, you could be tempted to put them in the same cage. 

Please don’t do it, though! Because these two species have quite distinct temperaments, cohabitation is not suggested.

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