Can Guinea Pigs Ride In Cars

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People more often than not wonder how they can travel with their pets. In this article, we’ll evaluate whether or not it is safe to ride with your guinea pigs in a car. 

Yes, guinea pigs can ride in cars. Guinea pigs are small animals that can usually be moved easily from one place to another. Guinea pigs can also usually handle a couple of rides that last a few hours.

As long as your pet is in a good carrier and has all the things they need for the trip, it doesn’t matter if you take them by car or plane. 

Now that you’re aware that guinea pigs can ride in your car, you may want to know the right way to transport them.

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How to Transport Your Guinea Pigs in The Car

To ensure a comfortable and safe journey for your guinea pig, plan ahead of time and maintain the guinea pig’s comfort and safety in mind.

There are a few steps you should follow to ensure you carry your guinea pig safely:

STEP 1 – Have a carrier. 

Instead of metal or strong mesh, it should be fabric or plastic. It is not necessary to make this carrier, particularly for guinea pigs. Any large enough small animal carrier should suffice. 

Choose a carriage that allows your guinea pig to turn around, lay down, and stand up comfortably and a little additional space to roam about in. 

STEP 2 -Prepare the Carrier

Line your guinea pig’s carrier with a soft material that is at least 20 sheets thick. You may use a newspaper instead of bedding since it will not produce a mess. To make it cozier, cover it with fleece. 

You may also put shredded paper towels in the bottom of the cage to provide a secure hiding area for the guinea pig. 

STEP 3 – Remove Any Hazards

Your guinea pig’s transit cage shouldn’t have a mesh bottom, just like their home cage. A mesh would hurt your guinea pig’s feet. 

STEP 4 – Supply Food 

Food supply for guinea pigs

The carriage should also have enough food to cater for the whole ride. Hay is a good option because it is very important for the guinea pigs.

Furthermore, the guinea pig’s diet should include fruits and vegetables

Place the fruits and veggies in a food dish after soaking them in water. Because your guinea pig will not have access to water throughout its journey, this moisture is essential.

STEP 5 – Provide Water

If you’re on a prolonged vehicle ride, make sure your guinea pig has access to water. You can keep a water bottle attached to the pet’s carrier and frequently mop up any spilled water.

Other factors to consider are airflow and temperature, which you should regulate occasionally. 

Things To Remember

With all the essentials available, don’t just take your guinea pig and place it in the carriage. You should follow a few steps before starting your journey.

  • Allow them to spend a few hours in the carrier some days before the trip to make them get used to it. 
  • Use a seat belt to secure the carrier to the vehicle seat and ensure it doesn’t move. A decent option is a footwell.
  • Do a health check and note down readings like temperature to help you monitor your guinea pigs.

How Long Can Guinea Pigs Travel in The Car?

Guinea pigs are generally good with an average of 3-hour vehicle rides.  

For shorter periods, guinea pigs are OK with the ride but only if they have all they require while in your car. If they don’t have the necessary items to keep them secure, quiet, and occupied, the journey will torture them. 

If you don’t have things like a sturdy travel carrier or additional food for the journey, you may want to wait till you do.

If you need to transport your guinea pigs, you may be confident that they will be OK on short and long automobile excursions.

Do Car Rides Stress Guinea Pigs?

Stressed guinea pigs on a car ride

Yes. Guinea pigs are delicate creatures that need particular attention, and traveling with them requires extreme caution. Guinea pigs, in general, behave well in cars and can withstand three- to four-hour travel. 

However, since guinea pigs have a variety of personalities, some of them may struggle to cope with a vehicle journey. It is suggested that such guinea pigs remain at home with their owners.

Can Guinea Pigs Get Car Sick?

Yes, car sickness may happen to guinea pigs. This may be because of the following: 

  • stress, 
  • car odors
  • cage location
  •  driving techniques. 

Ensure your guinea pig is in its carriage that smells familiar. It would help to make them feel comfortable.

Avoid producing stress in your guinea pig by driving too fast since this might trigger motion sickness. Always keep your guinea pig in a safe cage and use the seatbelt to secure it.

Allowing the pig to go around freely in the automobile is not good. It is not good to hold your guinea pig in your arms, particularly if you must stop abruptly. Keep the carriage out of the trunk of your vehicle.


Traveling with your guinea pig is simple, and they typically don’t have any problems surviving a lengthy vehicle trip.

If you know your pet is stressed when traveling, you should take extra precautions to make the trip more comfortable. 

Have enough hay, fruits, vegetables, and water in a special travel carriage or cat carriage. Ensure the automobile is quiet and comfortable for your dogs, and keep a close eye on them.

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