Do Guinea Pigs Have Belly Buttons? (Solved & Explained!)

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All mammals have belly buttons. It’s very easy to spot them on the bigger mammals but smaller animals, like hamsters at home, have them too. 

However, is this the same case with guinea pigs?

Of course! Guinea pigs have belly buttons. Guinea pigs are placental mammals that give birth to young ones alive. 

So, their umbilical cords form the belly buttons when they go off. These belly buttons also differ from one guinea pig to another in shape and size.

Now you know guinea pigs do have belly buttons, it might be hard for you to locate them. So, this leaves you wondering – where can I find my guinea pigs belly buttons?

Where Can I Find My Guinea Pigs Belly Button?

Guinea Pigs Have Belly Buttons

A guinea pig’s belly button is just in the middle of the lower part of its tummy. This is just the same with humans. Finding your guinea pig’s belly button is pretty easy. 

If you have long-haired breeds like the Peruvians, Silkies, or even Texels, you might not see their belly buttons right away when you turn them over.

Their long furs just cover everything below their bodies. 

You just have to spread their furs to find it. Moreover, for female guinea pigs, you can find it above their nipples. It looks like a third nipple for females.

For males, it’s just straight above their sex organs.

Now that you know where to find your guinea pig’s belly button, you might also want to know why guinea pigs have them.

Let’s discuss this next…

Why Do Guinea Pigs Have Belly Buttons?

Guinea pigs have belly buttons because it marks the position they had in their umbilical cords. This is common to every placental mammal. 

So long as they give birth to their young ones alive, the remains of the umbilical cords will always leave a mark – the belly button. This is the same reason why guinea pigs have them.

When every guinea pig is born and their cord goes off, it will then form their belly buttons.

Do Guinea Pigs Have Umbilical Cord?

Yes! Guinea pigs have an umbilical cord. However, they only have it when they’re in the womb.  

The umbilical cord is what connects a baby guinea pig to their mom in the womb. It’s very important for the development of an unborn guinea pig. 

It’s a means through which female guinea pigs nourish their babies as they develop in the womb. 

Just like guinea pigs can clean themselves, cutting off the umbilical cords is something they do on their own too. Mothers will quickly bite it off!

However, you can be of help in cases where your female guinea pig gives birth to so many puppies. It might be too much to handle for them.

In about 1-3 weeks a guinea pigs’ umbilical cord dries up and falls off. What’s left is a mark that becomes the belly button of guinea pigs.

Final Thoughts 

To sum up, guinea pigs have belly buttons. You’ll see it below their tummy. They’re small, furless, and just right in the center. 

Moreover, not every guinea pig’s belly button will look the same. Just like humans, guinea pigs are placental mammals and that’s why they have belly buttons.

Don’t expect all cavies to have the same kind of belly buttons.

Just like humans, a guinea pig can either have outie, round, vertical, or horizontal type of belly buttons.

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