What are Guinea Pigs’ Natural Habitats?

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Guinea pigs didn’t just become home pets overnight. These creatures have their natural homes in the wild in parts of the world.

Now, this brings about the question – What are guinea pigs’ natural habitats?

Guinea pigs are native to the Mountains of South America. That’s their natural habitat. There, they live in small groups called herds. 

This consists mostly of a male guinea pig and many females. They also live underground in burrows.

As prey animals, they often have to hide in holes they burrow. In addition, guinea pigs live in both low elevations and high ones reaching up to 16,000 feet. 

The grasslands, forests, swamps, and rocky areas in their habitat are all places guinea pigs call home.

Now you know the natural home of guinea pigs, let’s discuss if these creatures still exist in the wild. 

Are Guinea Pigs Still in the Wild?

No, guinea pigs are no longer in the wild. However, they once existed in the wild. The reason is that they were domesticated many years ago. 

So, they’ve become domestic creatures like the ones we have as pets today. The domestication involved breeding guinea pigs that became cuddly, social, and affectionate

Above all, the guinea pigs today are unique compared to their ancestors that existed in the wild years back. 

Having known that guinea pigs are no longer in the wild, let’s discuss where they’re presently living next.

Where Do Guinea Pigs Live Now?

Guinea Pigs Living as a Pet at Home

Guinea pigs live in many parts of the world mostly as pets. That’s right! You’ll mostly find them living in different homes around the world, especially in America.

Just as their nature allows them to fit in with families. Guinea pigs are lovable creatures and do well living with humans as companion animals. So, they just make great pets.

In addition, guinea pigs do well living together as pets just like they live in groups in the wild. Having other guinea pigs around them makes them comfortable.

Aside from living as pets in homes, you can find them living in guinea pig breeding centers. Moreover, guinea pigs without owners also find shelter in rescue centers.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, you now know that guinea pigs have natural homes in parts of South America. 

However, this was a long time ago before domestication. You can hardly find any guinea pigs in the wild today.

Furthermore, you also learned from this article the nature of their habitats, and how they lived. Guinea pigs lived as prey animals and in groups.

Living alone isn’t a guinea pig thing. Presently, as pets, guinea pigs still need to live with each other to be happy.

Since guinea pigs are domesticated pets, does it mean they can live anywhere in the world?

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