Why Are My Guinea Pigs So Cute (9 Reasons Why!)

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Guinea pigs are extremely cute animals. They are gentle and friendly and make the perfect pet for your household.

But have you ever asked yourself – “why are my guinea pigs cute?”

We have 9 reasons to explain why you find them so cute!

Let’s find out in the following sections.

9 Reasons Why Guinea Pigs are Cute

1. They Have Cute Ways of Moving

Have you ever heard of “Popcorning”? It is the cute jumping moves guinea pigs make when they are very happy.

These cute little sudden jumps are very similar to jumping corn kernels to form popcorns when heated.

That is not the only way they entertain us. There are several other cute moves they do that keep us entertained in a weird yet adorable way.

Guinea pigs also jump suddenly like bucking bronco by changing directions from a standing position. They even squeak while jumping like that.

2. They Make Adorable Squeaky Noises

Guinea pigs make the cutest squeaky sounds you’ll ever hear to express themselves.

If you hear a high pitch squeaky sound similar to whistling, your cavy is definitely excited about something. While they whistle, they move adorably to express their excitement.

They generally do so if they are hungry or happy about their playtime.

A high-pitched squeaky sound along with a purr can indicate that they are scared.

Guinea pigs also chirp like birds in their squeaky voice. The reason behind this sound is still a mystery.

But I have observed them squeak and chirp when they are in a trance-like phase.

Irrespective of how they squeak, the sound is very adorable and definitely plays a part in raising their cuteness in front of us.

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3. They are Cute to Look At

a cute guinea pig with beady eyes

When it comes to understanding the reason behind a guinea pig’s cuteness, you can’t deny that they look or appear cute.

No matter how old they get, guinea pigs have the same appearance as when they were babies. It is the smallness of the cavies that make them appear so cute to us.

Guinea pigs, with their cute little nose, beady eyes, and small size, form the perfect example of a cute animal by appearance.

4. Their Lips are Super Cute

I have personally always adored the cute little lips of our cavies. 

Thanks to their teeny tiny size, each of their body features looks cute to us, especially their lips. Who doesn’t find the cleft lips of guinea pigs and a pair of incisors peeking through them?

Well, it is more than just appearance. The guinea pigs are not only small and cute but also very soft.

So, if you want to have some fun, try touching their soft lips! They always make an amusing squeak every time you touch their lips.

5. They Show Excitement While Eating

Guinea pigs get very excited each time they see their food. You will see their exciting moves when you serve the food.

They make a whistling noise at the sight of food. Some cavies even show excitement by jumping, sometimes even “popcorning”.

In short, the overall display of excitement is very adorable.

6. They Enjoy Cuddle Times

Guinea pigs are cute and friendly rodents. Needless to say, they enjoy cuddle times with you as their owner.

Like cats and dogs, guinea pigs are very cuddly and bond well with human beings. They do enjoy their time out of their cages while cuddling with their humans.

It is not just a comfortable moment for your guinea pigs. Who doesn’t enjoy cuddle time with such an adorable furball?

Pro Tip:

If you want to have a nice cuddle time with your cavy, scratch them behind their ears and pet their backs gently. They truly enjoy a gentle massage as a part of their cuddle routine.

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7. They Perform Different Tricks

Guinea pigs’ cuteness is not limited to their appearance or cute moves.

If you didn’t know, cavies are geniuses who perform different tricks if you teach them well. 

You can teach your cavies to do different cute tricks. All you need to do is say the command, and your cute little furball will perform tricks for your enjoyment.

10 cute tricks that guinea pigs perform are-

  1. Come to you running when you call their names
  2. Go round in circles when excited
  3. Stand up straight when you hold a treat above their heads
  4. Play “Go Home” and return to their cages when instructed
  5. Go through mazes
  6. Jump through hoops
  7. Shake their tiny paws 
  8. Push Little cars or balls
  9. Give kisses to their owners
  10. Use a litter box

While these tricks are definitely cute, you are sure to burst out in giggles when they play dead! 

Yes, you read it right. You can even teach your cavies to play dead.

8. They Remain Cute and Tiny Forever:

Guinea pigs are cute and tiny and we love that size. No matter how old they grow, your cavies are going to remain small.

So, these are fur babies that cutely fit in your pocket, even when they are fully grown!

Isn’t it cute to have a forever tiny and adorable pet?

9. They Have Expressive Beady Eyes:

I have always found the eyes of guinea pigs very adorable. 

They stare at you with their expressive beady eyes and make cute faces that are absolutely cute.

One look at these beady eyes and you are sure to fall in love with them.


What Are the Cutest Guinea Pig Breeds?

The American Cavy Breeders Association recognizes 13 different species of guinea pigs. Out of the 13 breeds of guinea pigs available, the Abyssinian Guinea Pig is believed to be the cutest of all. 

But each of the guinea pig breeds is cute in its own way.

Let’s find out how cute each of these cavy breeds is-

1. Abyssinian Guinea Pigs:

The Abyssinian breed of cavies is extremely gentle and affectionate. The breed has short tufted and soft fur. 

Of all the Abyssinian breeds, the Satin variant of cavies is not only cute but also very glossy and beautiful.

2. American Guinea Pigs:

The most common and cute cavy breed option around us is the American breed. 

Apart from being cute, these guinea pigs are easier to maintain. They have a smooth short coat that is perfect for snuggling.

To add to their cuteness, this guinea pig breed also has a sweet temperament and easy-going nature.

3. Coronet Guinea Pigs:

If you like long, flowing, and smooth coats you will definitely fall in love with the Coronet guinea pigs.

Why are they called Coronet?

Well, apart from having long fur, their fur forms a perfect rosette or coronet in the middle of their head. Thus, the name.

Though they need additional care and grooming, their affectionate and playful nature makes them one of the cutest breeds of guinea pigs.

4. The Lunk or Lukarya Guinea Pigs:

The Lunk is the cute Nordic breed of guinea pigs with thick, long, and curly fur. Their gorgeous curly locks make them look very adorable.

However, since the Lukarya breed is from Sweden, it doesn’t belong to the list of 13 breeds of guinea pigs by the American Cavy Breeders Association.

But I would like to include it in my list here since they are super soft and cute to look at.

Note: The Lukarya breed of guinea pig requires extra care and grooming.

5. Merino Guinea Pigs:

Merino guinea pigs are one of the cutest breeds of cavies that have curly hair. 

If you think curly furs mean more care and difficulty in handling, you are wrong!. 

The merino guinea pigs might require a little extra grooming, but they enjoy their session. So, you can easily hold your cavy in hand groom.

Being gentle and curious by nature, the Merinos never run away from human beings.

6. Peruvian Guinea Pigs:

white Peruvian guinea pig

The Peruvian breed is yet another breed with very long fur locks. Their locks can even grow up to 2 feet!

The Peruvian guinea pigs are mostly preferred by owners who wish to showcase their cavies.

The Satin variant of the Peruvian breed is no doubt one of the cutest. If you want a show guinea pig, this is the breed for you.

Did You Know? : Peruvian Guinea Pigs belong to one of the oldest breeds of cavies in the world.

7. Rex Guinea Pigs:

The Rex is a very unique breed of guinea pigs you will get around you. They have floppy ears and short, wooly fur.

This breed of cavies is very gentle with kids and they enjoy cuddling with you as their owner.

They are the biggest guinea pig breed that can measure up to even 17 inches!

8. Shelti or Silkie Guinea Pigs:

The Shelti or Silkie are always favorite among pet owners who love long coats. 

They are a gentle breed with long satin silk fur. The American Cavy Breeders Association often refers to them as Silkie Satin breed because of their coat.

9. Shiba Guinea Pigs:

Shiba guinea pigs or Shiba Mini Yak is one of the cutest breeds of guinea pigs. However, they are not widely available in every pet store.

They will win your heart with their cute long coats and calm and intelligent personalities. 

This breed has a coat that looks untamed or messy. Hence, they are often referred to as the “bad hair day cavy”.

10. Skinny Guinea Pigs:

The skinny guinea pigs are basically a hairless breed of guinea pigs. 

Their bodies are completely hairless. But they have small tufts of fur around their feet and nose.

So, if you are allergic to fur/hair, this is the ideal breed for you.

The skinny guinea pigs prove that they don’t need long strands of hair to fall under the category of cute guinea pigs.

Pro Tips: Skinny guinea pigs don’t require frequent grooming. But they do need high care.

This means you should:

  • Ensure that you clean them in a routine, 
  • Keep them indoors (away from the sun)
  • And make soft beds that go gentle on their skin.

11. Teddy Guinea Pigs:

“Teddy guinea pig”, the name says it all about the cuteness of this breed of cavies.

It is a cute breed with a fluffy coat and a prominent nose, making it look similar to our stuffed-toy teddy bears.

These are fun-loving and friendly animals, making them ideal for children. You can even find a Satin variant of this breed if you want smooth and shiny fur on your cavy.

12. Texel Guinea Pigs:

The Texel cavies are a breed of hyper-active guinea pigs with a long and soft coat with ringlets. 

They owe their cuteness to their personalities apart from these ringlets. They are smart, intelligent, and curious animals who enjoy their cuddle times with you as their owner.

Pro Tip:

Texet Guinea pigs require a bigger enclosure to play around.

13. White Crested Guinea Pigs:

The final breed of guinea pigs on our list is the White Crested Guinea Pigs. 

This breed looks particularly cute because of the small white spot they have on top of their heads. 

Though the white-crested breed looks similar to the American breed, they are rare in the market. 

They are intelligent and easy to maintain with their short coat.

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Who is the Cutest Guinea Pig?

BooBoo is the cutest guinea pig in the world.

Booboo is a 2-year old female American Crested guinea pig from the Netherlands with blonde fur. She belongs to the photographer Megan van der Elst.

She recently became the celebrity rodent internet sensation as her cute outfits started attracting over 17,000 followers on Instagram.

All of these started when Booboo’s Dutch owner took pictures of her in a cute outfit in the garden and posted it over social media.

Ms. Van der Elst says that Booboo is the perfect cooperative model who dresses in fancy glasses with thick rims and cute outfits. She poses nicely with flower garlands attracting more followers.

Thus, Booboo earned her fame as the cutest guinea pig in the world.

Final Thoughts

Guinea pigs are super cute animals. They are super-friendly, child-safe, and adorable rodents who enjoy cuddle times with their human beings.

Their teeny tiny size, cute little lips, and the adorable squeaky noises they make are the major reasons behind their cuteness.

The cuteness of guinea pigs goes beyond their appearance. They perform different cute tricks and show their excitement, making them more adorable for us.

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