What Does It Mean When Guinea Pigs Teeth Chatter?

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Guinea pigs are little creatures that make a lot of noises, including teeth chattering. But what does it mean when a guinea pig’s teeth chatter? 

Teeth chattering is a noise made by guinea pigs when they are angry or irritated. It is a warning sign for others to “stay away” or “back off.” 

It could also mean that your pet is soon going to enter into a fight with other guinea pigs. 

However, knowing the meaning of guinea pig’s teeth chatter is not enough. You should know why they chatter their teeth to stop them from making such noise. 

So, let’s quickly look at the 4 major reasons a guinea pig’s teeth chatter. 

4 Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Chatter

A guinea pig could see teeth chatter for different reasons. 

1. To Show Dominance 

Guinea pigs’ teeth chattering or rapid clicking of teeth usually happen when they see others of their species. 

For example:

Your pet might chatter its teeth when meeting a new guinea pig to show its dominance. 

It’s a warning to other guinea pigs to respect their territory or personal space and stay at a distance. 

2. To Show Frustration and Dislike 

Your pet might start chattering his teeth if he is unhappy or frustrated with your certain actions. 

For example, your furry pet might chatter if you trim his nail or put him back into its cage. 

Other situations that can frustrate your pet:

  • Uneaten food in the cage
  • Enclosed for too long 
  • Hunger
  • Presence of other guinea pigs 
  • Health issues 

3. To Show Discomfort 

A guinea pig also chatters his teeth when he faces discomfort, like having little space to move. 

Just like frustration, discomfort can also arise from health problems, and things like your pet feeling scared by you or other guinea pigs. 

4. On Having Difficulty In Digestion

Another reason your pet might chatter is when they have indigestion. Including too much fiber in your pet’s diet can result in the formation of gas and bloating. 

It is an indication that your pet might be having a gastric blockage. 

Is Guinea Pig Chattering Bad?

Yes. Guinea Pig teeth chattering is mostly bad as it is a sign of angry or annoyed guinea pig.

It may also result in a fight between your pet and other guinea pigs. However, soft grinding or chattering of teeth could be a positive sign.

According to some guinea pig owners, their pet teeth chatter about being happy or content. 

How To Stop a Guinea Pig from Chattering?

Below are the 6 most useful ways to stop your pet from chattering. 

  1. Let Your Pet Be Alone for Some Time 

As sometimes we humans need our personal space, guinea pigs might want to be alone too. 

It’s better to see if your presence is making its teeth chatter. If yes, leave your pet alone for some time. 

  1. Shift Your Pet In a Bigger Cage

Guinea pigs hate confined spaces. It’s a good idea to shift your pet into a bigger cage if your pet is chattering because of limited space. 

  1. Separate Your Pet from Other Guinea Pigs 

It’s better to keep your pet in a separate cage if it starts chattering in the company of other cavies. 

Guinea pigs chattering at each other are quite aggressive, and they might get into a fight or attack each other. Therefore, make sure you separate your pet carefully if this happens. 

  1. Feed Your Pet

Guinea pigs might also chatter their teeth when it’s their mealtime. In such cases, you should feed them or give them their favorite treat to stop their chatter. 

  1. Let Your Pet Play In the Open for Some Time

At times, guinea pigs’ teeth chatter out of frustration. It’s best to let them out of their cage so that they can play in the open for some time. 

  1. Consult a Doctor

It’s better to consult a doctor if you think your pet is teeth-chattering because of gastric blockage or bloating. 

Why Does My Guinea Pig Chatter When I Pet Him?

Your guinea pig might chatter when you pet him out of anger or frustration. It might also mean that they want you to leave them alone for some time. 

Is a Guinea Pig Teeth Chattering When Hungry?

Yes, some guinea pigs do chatter their teeth when hungry. It’s a signal or their way of telling you that it’s the time for their meal. 

Final Thoughts 

In this article, we have learned that guinea pigs usually teeth chatter when they are angry or annoyed. 

It could also mean that your pet is showing aggression or dominance towards other guinea pigs. Sometimes guinea pigs also chatter when they are hungry. 

It’s advisable first to identify why your pet is teeth-chattering to stop him from making that noise. 

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