9 Reasons Why Mice Make Great Pets (Explained!)

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Mice are active creatures that require low maintenance. They are quiet and also do not require a lot of space. 

However, some people prefer to avoid mice as pets because sometimes they create a huge mess. But do you know despite all these, mice can make great pets?

In this article, I will give you 9 good reasons why mice make great pets. 

1. Mice are Low-Maintenance 

Mice are small, little creatures that don’t require much space compared to dogs and cats. In other words, caring for mice is simple and not so expensive. 

You can easily make a cute house for your pet mouse at home without spending much. A small cage or a wooden box with enough ventilation is enough for mice. 


The material of the cage should be something other than plastic because mice tend to chew plastic. So, the metal cage is the best choice because it is long-lasting.

Feeding mice is also pretty simple. Seeds, oats, fresh and crunchy veggies, grains, and dried pieces of bread can be given as food to them. 

Fresh drinking water should be provided regularly. Mice’s teeth are regularly growing, so crunchy veggies and fruits will help flatten them down and keep them in check. 

What else?

An exercise wheel with a flat running surface and some toys! That’s all it takes to please these little creatures. 

2. They are Clean and Tidy

A picture of a clean and tidy mouse

Some people think mice are dirty and messy, but the truth is mice are clean and tidy creatures.

Mice always try to keep their cage organized, and they store their fresh food in the cage. They also try to groom each other.

Mice become unhappy when their cage becomes dirty.

To keep their cage clean, the bedding should be changed frequently. The bedding material should be such that it can absorb dirt and odor. 

3. They are Full of Energy

Mice are very energetic creatures. They try to entertain their owners with their funny activities and cute gestures. 

Mice prefer playing games such as “treat-on-a-string,” “hunting for treats,” and many more. Gentle treatment and some treats are all you need to make them fall in love with you.  

If you treat them with love and care, they become very interactive and try to socialize with you. Eventually, they will trust you and start recognizing you. 

4. They Are Very Smart and Expressive

Mice are very smart creatures. They have good observation skills. Moreover, you will be amazed to see their problem-solving skills. 

These little creatures are also very expressive, and there’s no doubt that they are emotionally intelligent.  

They can easily create good bonds with others, be it their own species or humans. 

Mice also love interacting a lot. They can speak to each other with different squeaks and sounds. 

5. They Love Socializing

Mice like to socialize, and they are very friendly. If given proper care and gentle treatment, they soon become friends. 

Moreover, these cute beings are known to be gentle, polite, and well-mannered. 

Also, this may sound surprising, but according to research, mice show affection to their carer. So to bond well with your mice, you need to feed them.

Mice are very responsive to physical touch unless you are giving them food. 

6. Mice Come in Different Bright Colors

Mice bred that are kept as pets are called “Fancy Mice.” They are of different colors like brown, chocolate, black, gray, white, and many more. 

These types of fancy mice are mainly domesticated, and people love to make them their pets. 

Colorful mice are very cute and eye-catching. That’s why people get attracted to them, make them their pets, and keep them in their houses.

7. Mice Do Not Require Much Attention All Day Long

A picture of a mouse

One more benefit of keeping mice in the house is that they do not require much attention. You can easily adopt a mouse without disturbing your daily routine, as they are independent pets. 

Ensure that they are fed properly and have a decent living area, and you are all set to enjoy your personal time. 

For example, you can keep a running wheel and a few toys in their cage. Mice do find exercising rewarding and seem to enjoy it. And if they enjoy it, getting these things are worth it. 

If you keep enough food and water in their cage, you can even go on a weekend trip!  

8. Mice Are Gentle Creatures

One more advantage of keeping mice as pets is that they are gentle. They are not dangerous, unlike other larger animals.  

Also, there is a misconception that mice are not hygienic and their bite can cause certain diseases.

Well, every and any animal (of course, we are talking about the domestic ones) bite you; it can cause you illness or any disease. 

So to be on the safe side, you can consult a vet and get your pet’s vaccines and other requirements done. Thus, even if they bite you, you will not be worried. 

9. There Is No Need to Go for a Walk With Your Mice

A picture of a dog owner taking his dogs out for a walk

If you have a dog, then you have to go for a walk with your pet. But if you make mice your pet, then there is no need to go for a walk with your mice.

Going out every day twice for a walk seems to be pretty hectic. And thus, mice are the best pet option for people who do not prefer to go outside. 

Having them as pets means you can comfortably stay in your house and still enjoy your pet’s company. 


Are mice good pets for kids?

No, mice are not ideal pets for kids. Although small in size, mice have a tendency to bite. They can cause harm to your young ones.

Moreover, kids love catching and holding things. They might try to control the grip of mice. 

However, mice can get angry as they don’t like to be handled as much. 

Nonetheless, owning a small pet is also rewarding in some ways. Because of their small size, your kids won’t get afraid of them. 

Moreover, mice are active, social, and lovable and can make great pets for your kids.

Another reason these small fur balls make perfect companions for your kids is that they don’t need much space or maintenance.

Otherwise, managing a pet while raising kids is a task. But with mice as your pets, you can easily take care of your child. 

Are mice good pets to keep in the bedroom?

Yes, of course! Mice are small and low maintenance. If you give them their own space, there is nothing to worry about. 

All you need is a cage or a wooden box, with food and water and some toys for your pet. And then you can keep them anywhere you want, including the bedroom. 

However, you need to take some precautions to ensure your and their safety. 

Ensure that your room is clean and free from food crumbs that your pet can eat. 

Also, make sure there are no hidden corners in your bedroom. Your pet mice might hide in corners and getting them out can be tough. 

Also, it’s better to keep them in their cage. If mice are left open, they might chew cables or other essential things like documents and clothes. 


Mice can make great pets because there are many advantages to owning them. They are cute, expressive, and intelligent beings that love to socialize. 

The best part is that you don’t have to worry about having a spacious house to own a mouse. 

Moreover, if you are lazy or extremely busy with your life, they are perfect for you. Unlike dogs,  you don’t have to take them for daily walks. 

What else? Mice do not need much attention, so you can enjoy your personal space or plan an outing. Yes, you don’t have to worry about expenses, as mice are low-maintenance and budget-friendly. 

And don’t forget to keep chocolates as treats for your little pet. But wait, can mice eat chocolates like us?

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