About Us

“I’m a Mom Of 4 Kids and 2 Amazing Guinea Pigs!

– Merlin De Leon

Here’s My Story:

I started this blog to share my experience with my 2 guinea pigs (Cleo and Blossom).

Years ago, I didn’t like pets in my house because of the mess they make, but my husband and kids love them. One day, my eldest son brought two puppies home from school.  

At first, I was not pleased with the pets but there was little I could do about them. My other children accepted the puppies and even gave them cute names. 

On my daughter’s wedding day, my best friend, Betty, sent a package to me in a basket. To my surprise, the basket contains two guinea pigs with the note “I hope you love them?” 

My best friend knows I don’t like pets but decided to send me not one, but two of them. 

At that moment, I was planning on returning the guinea pigs to Betty because no one will take care of them.

When my husband saw the tiny pets, he held them close and quickly made a small cage. 

Right now, I love these guinea pigs the same way my husband and children love them.

They are simple, cute, and gentle creatures that don’t make a mess around the house. We named the two guinea pigs Cleo and Blossom.

Why Did I Build This Site?

One of the reasons I created this blog is to help you take care of your guinea pigs. As you know, your cavies are tiny creatures that can be at risk of diseases, injury, or hunger. 

Watching my guinea pigs for several months now has given me enough information on how to care for the pets easily.

At first, I couldn’t understand why Cleo and Blossom kept getting sick. Later, I found out a lot of things about their diet that I shouldn’t have included in it.

There’s a chance you may be finding it difficult to understand your guinea pigs in certain areas too. I’m here to help you!

How Can This Site Benefit You?

In this blog site, I’ll be explaining important things you need to know about your guinea pigs. This includes their diet, behavior, general health, and more. 

Knowing these basic parts of your guinea pigs’ lives, as early as possible, will help them live a longer, healthy life. Also, you will be able to interpret each of their reactions quickly.

Ultimately, my goal is to help guinea pigs moms take care of their pets the right way. Sometimes, you can be doing the right thing the wrong way, unintentionally. However, some mistakes can cost your piggies their lives. 

Let’s take care of our guinea pigs the same way we take care of other pets. Remember they are tiny creatures that need extra care and attention. 

I hope you’ll find this blog helpful and enjoyable!