149 Best Guinea Pig Names (Top 14 Names Revealed!)

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Are you looking for a cute name for your guinea pig? Every pet owner wants to give a unique name to his or her pet and the same is the case with guinea pigs. There are many different names that you can choose for your guinea pigs. 

Do you want to know the top 14 guinea pig names? If yes, read our blog till the end to find out some interesting and popular names for your little pets

Top 14 Guinea Pig Names

Want to know which guinea pig names are in trend? Have a look at the table below to find out the top 14 guinea pig names that you might consider for your pets.  


20 Guinea Pig Names for Girls 

Do you own a lovely female guinea pig as your pet? If yes, we have some interesting names that you can give to your little girl. Have a look at the table below! 

Daisy CandyBlossom PennyBrownie 
SophieLatteLunaMelody Annie
GingerCookie Buttercup HeartbeatSilky 
HoneyDiva Orchid Angel Barbie

20 Guinea Pig Names for Boys

Confused to decide a cool name for your little piggy boy? See the table below and decide on a unique name for your piggy. 

Peanut Doodles MikeRoxy Spike
SebastianWaffles JerryFrankieNoddy 
Maximus Pee-WeeEinstein NibblesSheldon
Arthur Snowy MarlowJoey Finn

10 Guinea Pig Names for Girl Pairs

guinea pig girl pairs

Are you looking for names for your pair of female guinea pigs? If yes, find some cute names for your guinea pig pair below!

Salt & PepaIvy & HarleyDora & NoraPeaches & CreamDonna & Sophie
Bluebell & TulipHansel & GretelTwinkle & GlitterBlair & SelenaCherry & Blossom 

15 Cute Guinea Pig Names

We all love calling our pets cute names. Are you too looking for some sweet and cute names for your piggies? If yes, see the table below!

Truffles FurballTwinkle
SquishyCinderella Fluffy

15 Names for Black and White Guinea Pigs 

black and white guinea pig

Are you struggling to name your black and white guinea pig? Not anymore! See the recommendations below and find a lovely name for your pet.

Smudge EbonyPopcorn
Snowy PandaOscar
Vanilla Tilly Patches
Checkers Choco Cosmo

10 Guinea Pig Names for Unisex

Looking for unisex guinea pig names? We have got you covered. Have a look at the table below!

ZipperTofuAutumn MarbleMoody

20 Hilarious Guinea pig Names 

Want to name your piggy something funny? Pick a hilarious name for your pet from the given list of hilarious guinea pig names. 


10 Guinea Pig Names in French 

Choosing a French name for your pet can be a bit difficult. However, we have come up with some famous French names for your pets. Have a look!

MielAmande LapinouLeoFleur
Bella BijoAlphonse EmileClaude

10 Korean Guinea Pig Names 

See the table below to find out the top 10 Korean names for your pet!

DalHyun ShikMochaIn-naYong

15 Guinea pig Rapper Names 

Are you a fan of rappers and want to call your pet by the name of famous rappers? If yes, this section is for you! 

Piggie SmallsKen Lil 
Wayne HillJay
Brown DrakeAndre

5 Easy Tips in Naming Your Guinea Pigs

If you want to know how to name your guinea pigs,  follow the tips below. 

Tip #1: The first tip to name your guinea pig is to study your pet carefully. Take note of its color, breed, behavior, and overall personality to give it a suitable name. 

Tip # 2: Consider looking for guinea pig names on the Internet. Read different blogs and decide which name you like the most for your pet.

Tip # 3: Take suggestions from family and friends who already have guinea pigs as their pets. You might end up getting a great name recommendation for your piggy.

Tip # 4: Think about your favorite food items, cartoon characters, rappers, actors and actresses etc., and give your piggy their names. 

Tip # 5: Decide what kind of name you want for your pet. Once you are clear with whether you want a cute, quirky, funny, or cool name for your pet, you will find it easier to give a suitable name to your pet. 


Giving a name to your guinea pig isn’t as easy as it seems. Everyone has a different preference when it comes to naming their pets. While some like cute names, some prefer cool and funny names for their guinea pigs. Whatever may be your choice of names, this article will help you find a suitable name for your piggies. 

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