Can Guinea Pigs Eat Sweet Potato? (15 Questions Answered!)

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Sweet potatoes are enjoyed and cooked in many ways like steamed or fried. Whichever way you prepare them, they always taste great and have loads of nutritional benefits. Knowing this, many piggy owners wonder, “can guinea pigs eat sweet potato?”

Yes, guinea pigs can eat sweet potatoes. This veggie is a great source of fiber, vitamin C, and many useful nutrients. However, your cavies can only eat them as treats and only a few times weekly.

However, many more questions arise from this choice of veggie, especially the suitable parts your piggy should eat. Can guinea pigs eat it whole or only a few parts?

Read on to know this.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat the Whole Sweet Potato Plant?

Guinea Pigs Eating Sweet Potatoes

No, your piggy can’t eat the whole plant. Ordinary potatoes are ones your little pet can’t eat at all as every part is unsafe for them. However, sweet potatoes aren’t the same as your guinea pigs can eat some parts without trouble. 

Some specific parts of sweet potato are okay to serve as treats to your furry friend. As we go deep, we’ll know more about the ones that are suitable to use and ones that are not.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Potato Peels?

Yes! Your piggy can eat the peels. However, you should serve these peels only in bits like about an inch. It’s better as a treat and shouldn’t be taken every day.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Sweet Potato Skin?

Yes! The skin is okay for your cavy to eat. There are useful nutrients in it, especially fiber and vitamins that are very important to cavies.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Sweet Potato Leaves?

Sweet Potato Leaves - Food for Guinea Pigs

Yes, you can serve them this part. Leaves of normal potatoes are toxic, but that of sweet potatoes are very edible.

Also, the leaf is a good part to mix in your pet salads every week as long as your little pet likes it. Always serve the leaves in bits and choose home-grown sweet potatoes as they’re safer.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Sweet Potato Vines?

Absolutely! This part is also edible for your little pet. They’re nice as treats and are great additions to their salads. 

However, only serve it when it’s still fresh and keep serving sizes in bits. This ensures that your little friend gets the compounds moderately and not in an amount that could harm them.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Potato Roots?

No, don’t feed them the roots. It’s not yet proven if your little pet can eat this part. So, avoid serving them the roots to keep things safe.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Sweet Potatoes During Pregnancy?

Yes! During pregnancy, certain foods need to be given to them to remain in good condition. They need good nourishment from hays and vitamin C-enriched foods, like sweet potatoes. They’re loaded with these vitamins and would help prevent certain diseases, especially scurvy, which could disturb them in such conditions. 

Are Sweet Potatoes Healthy for Guinea Pigs?

Absolutely! These are healthy veggies and are full of useful nutrients that help improve a piggy’s wellness. Nevertheless, things can get worse if your pet doesn’t have them in the right manner. Aside from this, a lot of benefits are tied to this vegetable to keep your cavy healthy. Let’s see them below.

Benefits of Sweet Potatoes for Guinea Pigs

A lot of areas in a piggy’s body rely on certain compounds they get from healthy meals to work properly. Feeding your piggy this veggie can do a lot of good to their health. When it comes to caring for your piggy, their diet should be chosen carefully to ensure your pet gains the healthy benefits they need to stay in good condition.

Moreover, this is the same case with sweet potatoes they’re pretty useful to your little pet. So, they don’t just enjoy the great taste but good health too. Here are the things this veggie can do for your piggy:

  • Improve Vision

A sweet potato treat is a good source of vitamin A for your pet. This vitamin is a very effective sight booster and this would be of great benefit to your guinea pig’s eyes. Moreover, beta-carotene is also present and doesn’t just help to improve vision, but also keeps your cavy safe from any eye-related issues. 

So, feeding your cavy this veggie helps keep their sight in good condition.

  • Boost Immunity

Piggies naturally have weak immunity. This makes them count on certain foods that contain immunity boosters, as their body fails to create them. 

Vitamin C is the major immunity booster that’s present in a sweet potato. They also help in battling diseases like scurvy that’s common to piggies.

  • Support the Digestive System

Piggies normally need aid from fiber-enriched foods for digestion as they normally have an unstable digestive system. Giving your piggie this veggie-containing dietary fiber would help in the breaking down of food in your cavy’s body.

  • Aid Neurological Performance

The brain and the entire nervous system of a guinea pig need to be kept in a good state to perform well. However, serving your piggy sweet potatoes grants them this healthy benefit. Also, it helps in preventing several disorders that can happen to the nervous system.

  • Improve Cardiovascular Health

With potassium in sweet potatoes, the heart and blood vessels are kept in shape. It helps the heart muscles of your little pet contract and relax properly and also maintain stable blood pressure. 

This would keep the heartbeat rate in check and prevent blood pressure from going high which would cause severe heart diseases to your piggy.

  • Get Rid of Free Radicals

As long as metabolism is concerned, some“free radicals” do develop. These free radicals should be taken care of in your cavy’s body as they could create hazards, especially damaging cell walls and various health-threatening issues. The antioxidants in this veggie help tidy up the free radicals so they won’t cause harm to a piggy’s body.

Risks in Feeding Guinea Pigs Sweet Potatoes

  • Unhealthy Conditions from Overdose of Compounds

In sweet potatoes, not every component is completely healthy. Compounds like oxalates or sugar can do more harm than good if your piggy gets too much of them. Also, It can go a long way in reducing their life span.

So, when you don’t give your piggy this treat in a reasonable amount and few days, it’s risky to their health.

  • Allergy

Serving your little pet this veggie, especially if it’s their first time trying it, might cause them to react in certain ways. These reactions could be changes in their health. However, it doesn’t happen to all piggies. 

Some may experience it after trying this treat and some may not react at all. Nevertheless, watch your piggy after they munch the treat the first time to spot any changes. And if you do, don’t serve again till you consult a vet.

Can You Feed Guinea Pigs Cooked Sweet Potatoes?

No! Piggies can’t have cooked sweet potatoes. You can only serve them the raw ones and without added seasoning. Generally, processed foods shouldn’t be given to piggies as they’re uneasy to digest and contain fewer nutrients for them. 

However, any foods we process from sweet potatoes like chips, fries, or noodles are not foods piggies can munch. As we dive deeper, we’ll understand more about this.

Can You Feed Guinea Pigs Sweet Potato Chips?

Sweet Potato Chips - Not a Food for Guinea Pigs

Not at all! Don’t serve these chips to your guinea pigs. The salty and fatty nature of the chips can upset your piggy’s tummy and affect their health. 

These chips smell and appear nice, so a piggy might want to try them. Moreover, never let your pet eat these chips regardless of how much they want to eat them. 

Can You Feed Guinea Pigs Sweet Potato Salad?

No, you can’t. These salads are great for humans but not suitable for your cavy.

Can You Feed Guinea Pigs Sweet Potato Fries?

Sweet Potato Fries - Not a Food for Guinea Pigs

No! This food isn’t okay to serve cavies. They cook them and guinea pigs don’t eat cooked foods. So, it’s best you enjoy your french fries and leave your piggies out.

Can You Feed Guinea Pigs Sweet Potato Noodles?

No, you can’t. These noodles are still processed from these veggies and aren’t okay for piggies. Also, It has no useful benefit to a piggy so don’t serve it to them.

How many times a week can guinea pigs eat Sweet Potatoes?

Ideally, you shouldn’t serve more than two days in one week. Stick to this and give gaps between the two days. Also, the selected days shouldn’t be straight.

How To Prepare Sweet Potatoes For Guinea Pigs?

Preparing Sweet Potatoes for Guinea Pigs

Preparing these treats for your tiny buddies won’t take much of your time. It only needs you to do it properly by following the right methods. The serving sizes and nature of the veggie matter a lot. 

  • Step 1: Choose Fresh Sweet Potato

You should use this veggie when it’s still fresh. It shouldn’t be spoiled leftovers or already dried up ones. Piggies are delicate pets so you need to carefully select any food you give them.

  • Step 2: Wash the Sweet Potato

Rinse with only clean water before peeling it to remove the dirt and chemicals on it that can cause harm to your cavy. This step is very necessary, especially when you want to feed them the peels or skin. It’s advisable to do this under running water as it’s more effective than dipping the veggie in a bowl. 

  • Step 3: Peel the Sweet Potato

While preparing treats, this step is one you can choose to do this or not. However, it’s healthier to prepare the treats without the skin. The only reason why you shouldn’t use this part is if you’re not sure if you completely cleansed every dirt or chemical on it.

  • Step 4: Chop the Sweet Potato

Slice with a knife into cubes of about half an inch in size. More preferably, two cubes are okay as treats. The little size helps your cavy eat easily and not choke. Also regulates the number of compounds they get.

  • Step 5: Serve Sweet Potato

After slicing, you can now serve the raw treat to your furry friend. Moreover, you can also combine them with other healthy veggies and serve them.

Sweet Potato Alternatives for Guinea Pigs:

If you’ve ever thought of any alternative to sweet potatoes for your pet, you can select a few of these healthy vegetables from the table below.

Cucumbers CabbageSpinachCarrotsAsparagus
TomatoesCeleriesZucchinisBrussel sproutsBroccoli
LettuceArtichokeCilantrosKaleRed bell pepper

Serving your little piggy these veggies isn’t only fine for them to eat but also very beneficial to their health just like sweet potatoes. Also, it’s important to know the right amount of the particular veggie you choose to serve your furry friend.

What Foods are Toxic to Guinea Pigs?

We’ve seen a lot of common foods that are okay to feed a piggy. However, there are still foods you shouldn’t let your piggy have at all as they can endanger their health. The list below shows some of these foods you should avoid.

  • Meat (all kinds)
  • Potatoes (regular)
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Nuts
  • Milk
  • Chocolates
  • Seeds
  • Iceberg lettuces
  • Tomato green parts

Final Thoughts

To sum up, whenever you choose to serve sweet potatoes to your cavy, make sure you prepare them properly and stick to the proper schedule. Cooked sweet potatoes are okay and better for humans but piggies should stick to eating raw ones. 

They’re much healthier and more nutritious for them. Just like you serve them other vegetable treats, your cavy needs sweet potatoes in bits. This may not give them the major nutrients they’re supposed to get but would still give them the useful ones that’ll keep them in good condition.

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