Can Guinea Pigs Jump From High Places? (Explained!)

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Last night, I watched a video of a rat doing different tricks. That rat would jump from a high place, flip and stand proudly.

Thinking about it, I asked myself “can my guinea pigs jump from high places too?”

Here’s what I found out – No. 

A Guinea pig naturally has short limbs. This means that guinea pigs are not capable of jumping at moderate or high places.

They can, however, bounce upwards, which is considered jumping depending on who you ask.

Now, we understand that guinea pigs normally can not jump from high places. However, does it mean that they are also afraid of heights?

Let’s find out more!

Are Guinea Pigs Afraid Of Heights?

Yes – Guinea pigs are indeed afraid of heights. They are anxiety driven animals and heights can trigger fear or panic to them.

This fear is developed through either genetics, or traumatic environmental experiences. It may be because they have already fallen before, and are now traumatized to go through this experience again.

Their survival instincts may be out of the picture for a long time now but their anxiety and fear of heights remained.

This is why most guinea pigs prefer flat surfaces and small ramps. 

Can Guinea Pigs Survive A High Fall?

You can actually compare a guinea pig to my cousin’s son – a toddler.

Guinea pigs, like toddlers, can survive a high fall. But they are not immune to scratches, broken bones, or even serious injuries, for that matter. 

In addition to guinea pigs’ anxiety, they are also quite fragile, regardless of how sturdy they may seem.

They won’t remain unscathed, especially if we are talking about a high fall.

Considering this, a guinea pig’s ability to jump can be an aid for fall survival. But we must know beforehand, guinea pigs cannot jump high. 

But don’t get confused, they are still able to jump – and this is called popcorning

Simply put – when you put a popcorn in the microwave, it will randomly pop (up and down). It’s the same way with guinea pigs.

If a guinea pig is excited, they may bounce all over the place and just literally move forward and backward at random times.

Having said all this, older and weaker guinea pigs may not only sustain serious injury, but also not survive, even a simple or moderately low fall.

How High Can Guinea Pigs Jump?

A normal sized guinea pig can jump about 10-20 cm in height. Remember, their bodies are not actually for challenging activities.

However, some guinea pigs are still able to jump quite high.

An example of this is a guinea pig named Puckel Martin, who was recorded to have jumped as high as 7.8 in – a record which was debunked by a couple of people on the internet claiming their pet can jump higher than that of Martin’s record.

Older guinea pigs are normally calmer and more passive than young ones. Due to their old age, they may start to develop issues with their limbs and legs. 

Therefore you will not see them jump much.

On the other hand, baby guinea pigs are normally more active and bounce much more often. 

The heavier the guinea pig is, the harder it will be for it to jump. They can also develop problems in their joints which may also lead to issues such as arthritis and more. 

The more they jump, the more it may weaken their legs.

Can Guinea Pigs Jump Out Of Their Cage?

Yes – Guinea pigs actually can jump out of their cage! They can escape from playpens that are less than 20cm (8 in) high. 

Check out this guinea pig jump out of his cage!

You can purchase a large cage with a hammock so guinea pigs would not jump easily.

Keep in mind that guinea pigs are curious creatures. They may not be good jumpers, there’s still a chance that they will randomly jump out of curiosity!

With this information, a taller cage is a good investment if you are bothered by the idea of your guinea pig hurting itself. They can jump within the cage after all. 

You can also buy different toys, specifically ramps and small stairs to keep your guinea pig busy! 

Final Thoughts

Today, we learned that guinea pigs can not jump from moderate to high places. This is because they have short limbs and are normally afraid of heights.

However, just like any other animals, they can still jump. 

A normal sized guinea pig can also jump out from its cage so make sure to secure their cage. It’s always helpful to make them occupied by buying toys and pairing it with another guinea pig. 

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