Can Mice Drown in Water? (Solved & Explained)

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Mice are indeed quick creatures that can adapt well to any environment. Have you ever seen a mouse inside a pool of water and asked yourself if it can drown?

Well, here’s what I found out.

Yes, mice can also drown in water just like humans.

However, they are excellent swimmers with a great level of water tolerance.  In fact, they can tread underwater for a period of time.

Surprisingly, mice can hold their breath for about 3 minutes underwater. In addition, because of their swimming abilities, scientists mostly use them as random samples to test antidepressants.

Now, you’ve learned that mice are good swimmers. Would you also like to know how long they can last in water? Continue reading to find out.

How Long Can A Mouse Last In Water?

A mouse can last up to 3 days straight in the water.

Their adaptability is a good quality to keep them there for about 2-4 days without food.

According to research, mice need water to survive but when not available, they can stay up to 1 month.

Is Drowning A Mouse Humane?

No, drowning a mouse is not humane!

The UFAW working group, the government, and other pest control associations have stated that drowning a mouse is one of the worst ways to kill it and should be stopped.

This is because there are better methods for killing mice rather than drowning them.

These methods include: 

  • Shooting them in the brain
  • Destruction by blowing on the head with a hard object
  • Lethal overdose of anesthetics

Drowning mice have severe consequences on animal welfare, therefore is considered both inhumane and illegal.

Anyone caught in the act will be convicted under the Animal Welfare Act for causing irrelevant pain to the animal.

Can Mice Swim Underwater?

Yes, mice can swim underwater.

They are skillful swimmers and can tread underwater for 3 minutes even though it is stressful for them.

Mice are usually anxious, and a good way to test their level of anxiety is to leave them underwater.

The longer they stay underwater and the more stressed they are, the better they become resilient.

This means that there’s hardly any situation where mice cannot adapt.

Can A Mouse Survive Being Flushed Down The Toilet?

A mouse that survived being flushed down a toilet.

Yes, mice can survive being flushed down the toilet.

They are impressively adaptable and can move through tight corners like toilet pipes and sewer lines.

All thanks to their ribs that can adjust at the spine and also flatten when it is compressed.

Most times mice travel through narrow spaces in search of food and refuge.

In some cases, they find themselves down there when they become a nuisance.

However, it is not advisable to flush mice down the toilet. 

This is because they can block your septic tank and sewer line regardless of their size.


To summarize, mice can drown in water but it is time-dependent.

They can last up to 3 days in water and can hold their breath underwater for about 3 minutes.

Drowning them is not a humane way of killing them, it is outlawed and should be avoided.

Moreover, don’t flush them down your toilet as it may cause clogging. 

Sometimes they can block your septic system and therefore are not worth the hassle.

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