3 Best Guinea Pig Rescue Centers in Louisiana

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In case you want to adopt a guinea pig or surrender the ones you already own, rescue shelters are the best options. 

Rescue centers for guinea pigs are so common in every location. Finding one around you might be challenging especially if it’s your first time. 

Moreover, for those living in Louisiana, this article will guide you. 

Keep reading as we look at the 3 best guinea pig rescue centers you can find in Louisiana!

Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue

Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue - A Guinea Pig Rescue Center in Louisiana

This is the most popular rescue shelter in Louisiana with guinea pigs. 

The rescue shelter began in November 2004 and focused more on rabbits and guinea pigs. However, you can see hamsters, dogs, and cats. 

In addition, this rescue center accepts pets from animal control facilities. They also accept surrenders from owners who no longer want their pets.

Their goal is to rescue and find caring homes for poorly treated, lost, abandoned, and unwanted pets. 

Moreover, aside from Louisiana, they serve Mississippi and sometimes, other states.

Take Note: Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue has no public shelter building and there are limits to the number of pets they can take. 

It all depends on the space available in the foster home.

Services Offered:

  • Pet Adoptions
  • Animal rescue
  • Animal control
  • Pet surrenders
  • Guinea pig boarding
  • Cleaning
  • Grooming
  • Daycare


Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Best Way to Contact:

Phone No.: +1 225-341-2866

Facebook @ magichappensrescue

Website: magichappensrescue.com

Guinea Pig Inquiries: Jennifer@MagicHappensRescue.com

Three Little Pigs Cavy Haven

Three Little Pigs Cavy Haven - A Guinea Pig Rescue Center in Louisiana

The rescue shelter works towards saving guinea pigs and improving their lives. Moreover, they help to find good homes and families that’ll love them. 

This is a guinea pig-only rescue center in Louisiana, which began in 2015.

Three Little Pigs Cavy Haven is a center for adopting different breeds of guinea pigs. In addition, you can also surrender the ones you can’t care for any more to them. 

This rescue center also educates people about guinea pigs’ welfare. This makes them one of the best guinea pig rescue centers in Louisiana.

They show guinea pigs’ parents the right way to care for cavies. And more importantly, how to give them the best lives.

Services Offered:

  • Guinea pigs adoption
  • General Health Check
  • Guinea pig boarding
  • Adoptions
  • Guinea pigs surrenders


3052 Sandra Dr. Shreveport, LA 71119, United States

Best Way to Contact: 

Phone No.: +1 469-223-6268

Email: crazycavychik@gmail.com

Facebook @ CrazyCavyChik

Website: crazycavychik.weebly.com

Taylor Ridge Guinea Pigs Rescue and Adoption

This is an animal rescue shelter in Ruston, Kentucky. The center started out very small in November 2001 with only a few guinea pigs.

They provide temporary homes for guinea pigs and other animals. These other animals include rabbits, cats, and dogs.

They rescue and care for lost pets and those that their owners no longer want. In addition, they shelter these animals till they find good homes for them.

Services Offered:

  • Animal Rescue
  • Pet Adoption
  • Pet surrenders
  • Grooming


167 Trace Drive Ruston, LA 71270, United States

Best Way to Contact:

Phone No.: +1 381-254-8018

Email: taylorridge@earthlink.net

Final Thoughts

To sum up, that’s our list of the best guinea pig rescue centers you can find in Louisiana.

So, if you want to adopt guinea pigs or surrender them, you can go to any of the rescue shelters listed in this article. 

Interestingly, these pet rescues in Louisiana offer some other guinea pig services like grooming, daycare, etc.

We’ve shared most of the services offered by each of the rescue centers. So, whichever you want, you can easily locate the right pet rescue that offers them.

Hope you find this article helpful, do well to share it with your friends!

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