2 Best Guinea Pig Rescue Centers in Victoria (Canada)

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Rescue shelters are the best places to adopt a guinea pig if you don’t want to buy one. However, you should start by finding the best one in your location.

If you’re living in Victoria (Canada), this article will provide an overview of the best rescue shelters you can go to.

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BC SPCA Victoria Community Animal Center

BC SPCA Victoria Community Animal Center - A Guinea Pig Rescue Center in Victoria (Canada)

The BCSPCA animal center is a non-profit animal rescue organization in Victoria, Canada. The organization protects animals and rescues over 100,000 animals every year.

You should also know that BC SPCA stands for “British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals”. And there are about 44 locations across BC including Victoria. 

Furthermore, this organization was established in 1896. Since then, they’ve been serving the sick, abused, abandoned as well as homeless animals. 

Undoubtedly, they’re one of the reputable guinea pig rescue centers in Victoria (Canada). You can equally adopt other furry friends in this center such as cats, dogs, rats, rabbits, etc.

They also rescue horses, farm animals, and even wild animals 

This rescue center is also against any form of animal cruelty.

Services Offered:

  • Animal adoption
  • Pet surrenders
  • Spaying/neutering
  • Vet services 
  • Cruelty investigations


3150 Napier Ln, Victoria, BC V8T 4V5, Canada

Best Way to Contact:

Phone No.: +1 250-388-7722

Email: info@spca.ba.ca

Facebook @ bcspca

Instagram @ bcspca

Twitter @ BC_SPCA

YouTube: bcspcabc

Website: spca.bc.ca

Broken Promises Rescue

Broken Promises Rescue - A Guinea Pig Rescue Center in Victoria (Canada)

This is another non-profit animal rescue organization in Victoria (Canada). Furthermore, the broken promises rescue has been rescuing animals for over 25 years.

The organization saves and improves the lives of surrendered, abandoned, and even orphaned pets on Vancouver Island. They help animals regardless of their age or breed.

What’s more interesting is that they help animals considered less adoptable. This could be due to medical or behavioral conditions.

In addition, this rescue center saves guinea pigs. Not only do they rescue guinea pigs but also other animals like dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.

Above all, educating people on how to be responsible parents to their pets is equally important to this rescue shelter.

Take Note: Broken Promises Rescue has no public shelter or facility. This means they’re foster-based which also limits the number of animals they can accept.

Services Offered:

  • Animal control
  • Daycare
  • Spaying/neutering
  • Animal rescue
  • Veterinary care
  • Nail trimming


Victoria BC, Canada (Vancouver Island)

Best Way to Contact:

Email: info@brokenpromisesrescue.com

Facebook @ brokenpromisesrescue

Instagram @ bprescue

Twitter @ BPRAnimalRescue

Linked In: Broken Promises rescue

Website: brokenpromisesrescue.com

Final Thoughts

In summary, these are the best guinea pig rescue centers to go to in Victoria (Canada). You can head over to any of them for guinea pig adoptions.

You can also surrender your guinea pigs to these centers if you can’t take care of them anymore. Furthermore, these rescue centers offer other services you might need.

They include daycare, nail trimming, spaying/neutering, and more.

Each rescue center discussed has a lot of the services they offer. So, go through them to see one that suits your needs.

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