Which Breed Of Guinea Pigs Is The Friendliest? (Revealed!)

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One of the major behaviors people look out for before buying guinea pig pets is friendliness. But making the right choice can be confusing sometimes.

Generally, guinea pigs are friendly, but which breed of guinea pigs is the friendliest?

Well, the Abyssinian guinea pigs are commonly known as the friendliest breed. They are cute, easy to take care of, and love attention.

Also, this breed of guinea pig loves to play with their owners and relate well with other cavies in their cage.

I believe you now know a few behaviors of the Abyssinian guinea pigs but it’s not enough. There are lots of important details you need to know about these small pets.

For example, why do people prefer these small pets to others? Why are Abyssinian guinea pigs the friendliest breeds?

Let’s answer this question and others in this article!

Why Abyssinian Guinea Pigs Are The Friendliest

We mentioned earlier that the Abyssinian breed of guinea pigs enjoys the company of their owners and cage mates. Some special behaviors set these small pets apart from the others.

Let’s take a look at a few of them:

Grooming Them is Easy

An Abyssinian guinea pig being groomed by a vet doctor

Regular trimming of furs, nails, bathing, and shampooing of Abyssinian guinea pigs is usually fast, and easy. 

One noticeable feature of Abyssinian guinea pigs is their furs which are rough and come in different patterns.

Usually, their fur can be about three to four centimeters. This means you need to groom them at least once a week. 

While cleaning these small pets, they won’t bite or make unpleasant sounds because it is a fun time for them. Also, the Abyssinian cavies love being held by their owners, so you’re free to spend as much time as possible grooming them.

They Get Along With Other Pets

Abyssinian guinea pigs are bold and are always free to share their cages with other guinea pigs. 

Most breeds of guinea pigs sometimes have trouble sharing their living environment with other animals. This commonly happens as a result of fear for the other pets.

But Abyssinians are not fearful of other small pets and even rest on them sometimes.

However, avoid keeping a cat near their cages and there wouldn’t be any problem.

Abyssinians Bond Quickly with Their Owners

It doesn’t take a longer time for these breeds of cavies to get used to their owners which is an uncommon behavior among guinea pigs.

Due to their nature as prey animals, guinea pigs have trust issues and take time to bond with their owners. Sometimes, it takes close to a month or two of regular feeding, grooming, and attention before your small pets let their guard down.

Surprisingly, the Abyssinians are attention seekers and extroverts.

They also have high energy levels and will always want to spend all day playing with their owners. These behaviors are one of the reasons small creatures are popular among pet owners today. 

They Are Trainable

Same as you can teach your dogs to perform simple tasks, you can also train your Abyssinian pets to listen to your commands. They are smart and often learn fast.

For example, you can litter train them, teach them not to bite, give attention when you call, and even follow you.

An unfriendly cavy will possibly withdraw from you and might be difficult to train but Abyssinians are different. Just ensure you train them as early as possible because it is always easier that way.


Top 10 Friendliest Guinea Pigs

Understandably, you’ll prefer to buy the friendliest guinea pigs at the pet store. That’s why we made a list for you to make this decision easy and fast for you.

Below is a list of the top 10 friendliest guinea pigs:

1.    Abyssinian guinea pig

2.    American guinea pig

3.    Teddy Guinea Pig

4.    Peruvian Guinea Pig

5.    Crested Guinea Pig

6.    Silkie Guinea Pig

7.    Texel Guinea Pig

8.    Baldwin Guinea Pig

9.    Coronet Guinea Pig

10.  Rex Guinea Pig 

Despite being friendly animals, certain factors can change the personalities of these guinea pigs.

So, as a pet owner, always feed these cavies well, clean their cages, take them for medical checkups and play with them.

By doing these, you’ll always enjoy the company of these guinea pigs listed above.


What is The Friendliest Type of Guinea Pig?

An Abyssinian guinea pig

Abyssinian guinea pigs are the friendliest type of guinea pigs. They are easy to look after, full of energy, and often love to play.

These breeds of guinea pigs are also outgoing and make good pets for both young and old.

What is the Calmest Breed of Guinea Pig?

Teddy guinea pigs are popular for being the calmest breed of guinea pigs.

They enjoy being carried gently and wouldn’t prevent their owners from cuddling them. Moreover, the teddy guinea pigs require less grooming which makes them easy to maintain. 

If you want to buy a guinea pet soon, the teddy breed is the perfect choice for you.

How Do You Pick a Friendly Guinea Pig?

Choosing a friendly guinea pig is the goal of all pet owners. But choosing from different breeds, especially from the pet store, is not an easy task.

First, it is impossible to know a friendly cavy by just looking at its face.

Second, you would only be spending a short period at the store and can’t possibly know the behaviors of the small pets.

But don’t worry, just check out these 5 signs to know friendly guinea pigs :

  • They won’t hide in a corner or run away after seeing you.
  • They won’t bite if you try to hold them.
  • Friendly guinea pigs often jump up and down when they see new faces.
  • Another sign you’ll notice is that they’ll try to lick or nibble your fingers when you hold them.
  • A friendly cavy will likely whistle when it sees you; it’s a sign of happiness.


Are Male Guinea Pigs Friendlier Than Females?

Male and female guinea pigs

Often, male guinea pigs are friendlier than females. Unlike the female cavies, the males tend to have bold personalities and are curious creatures.

Also, it takes a lot of time for the female guinea pigs to feel free with their owners but that’s not the case with the males. 

But note that both male and female guinea pigs make great pets, despite their personality differences. Just ensure you feed them well, give the pets lots of attention and always watch out for signs of illnesses.

A comfortable and happy guinea pig will no doubt be friendly.


Final Thoughts

Abyssinian guinea pigs can be considered to be the friendliest of all breeds.

They are easy to groom, bond quickly with their owners, are trainable, and also get along well with other animals.

Study the behavior of the cavy you want to buy before taking this action to know whether it is friendly or not.

Finally, male guinea pigs are friendlier than females because of their bold personalities. Nevertheless, take proper care of your cavies, either male or female, as it will play a major role in their general well-being.

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