Why Are My Guinea Pigs Squeaking? (7 Questions Answered!)

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Constantly hearing your guinea pigs squeak can make you feel uncomfortable. If you’re a new cavy owner, different thoughts will go through your mind.

You’ll probably be thinking, why exactly are my guinea pigs squeaking?

Commonly, guinea pigs squeak when they are feeling pain in their environment. In addition, your cavy may squeak if another cavy is making him uncomfortable.

Whatever may be the case, always give your guinea pigs attention if they squeak at intervals. It could mean something is wrong with your small pets and they need help.

Now you have some idea why your guinea pigs are squeaking, but what does it mean if squeaking too much?

Read further to find out!

Why Are My Guinea Pigs Squeaking So Much?

Possibly, your guinea pig is afraid of something in the environment if he squeaks so much.

Sometimes, if your cavy hears a loud sound, he may get scared and start making continuous noises. He does this to call the attention of the other cavies to run to safety.

Generally, frequent squeaking sounds in guinea pigs are an indication that they are not comfortable.

Sometimes, it might be that one of your small pets is in pain, danger, or even sick.

If your guinea pig squeaks too much, without any visible reasons, it would be best you take him to the vet.

Is a Guinea Pig Happy When It Squeaks?

Yes, your guinea pigs can make high-pitched squeaks when they are happy. Often, this happens when you serve them food or provide toys for them.

Other times, your cavies may squeak if they are happy to see you.

Spend quality time with your cavies so that you can differentiate the sound they make. In other words, you’ll be able to recognize the sounds they make when in pain and the ones they make when happy.

How Do I Get My Guinea Pig To Stop Squeaking?

One effective way to stop your guinea pigs from squeaking is to find out the reason for the behavior. Once you notice why they are making this sound, providing solutions will be easy.

Here are 4 simple ways to stop your guinea pigs from squeaking:

1. Give Them Attention

Like humans, guinea pigs can get lonely too and therefore feel bored. Boredom in cavies can cause them to squeak all day long.

 Create time to play with your cavies every week and they’ll likely stop squeaking.

2. Check For Signs of Sickness and Consult Your Vet

Health issues in guinea pigs can cause them to constantly squeak. Funnily, you may not notice any signs of illnesses until the condition becomes worse. 

Check their eyes, ears, feet, furs, and mouth for anything unusual. On the other hand, you can always consult your vet to do a general check-up on the “noisy” cavy.

If the doctor finds anything strange, they’ll be able to start treatment immediately.

3. Keep the Mother Cavy and her Babies Together

A Mother guinea pig and her baby

Baby guinea pigs squeak when they are looking for their mother. This means you should always ensure that both the mother and her pups are together.

Sometimes, a baby cavy can form a bond with another cavy that is not his mother. When this happens, he’ll squeak if she is not around.

4. Provide Food and Water

Hunger and thirst are other possible reasons your guinea pigs can squeak continuously. 

To stop them from making this sound, always ensure they have enough food and clean water. Treats such as chewable toys are also a great idea for your little pets.

Why Does My Guinea Pig Squeak When I Talk?

Being intelligent creatures, your guinea pigs recognize your voice and are happy to hear it. Usually, if you always feed your cavies well, they’ll associate your voice with “meal-time”.

So whenever you talk, your guinea pigs will assume you’re bringing their food and may squeak for happiness.

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Why Are My Guinea Pigs Squeaking At Each Other?

Most times, guinea pigs squeak at each other when you first introduce them, especially the males. Naturally, male cavies are territorial and are always protecting their space by all means.

So, your cavies will likely squeak at each other the first time you introduce them. In fact, they may start fighting each other if you don’t separate them on time.

In situations like this, you need to slowly introduce the small pets until they get used to each other. With time, they would start living peacefully.

Why Does My Guinea Pig Squeak When I Hold Him?

A girl holding her guinea pig

Possibly, your guinea pigs squeak when you hold him because he is not familiar with you and therefore feels scared.

Due to their small nature, guinea pigs are prey animals that are always running for their lives. So, they have trust issues, especially towards the people they don’t know very well.

If you don’t spend enough time with your cavies, they won’t feel free around you. Therefore, they’ll squeak when you hold them as a result of being afraid.

Understand that guinea pigs are friendly animals that love to be held and petted. But you need to gain their trust by playing with them regularly.

Why Is My Guinea Pig Always Squeaking For Food?

Normally, your guinea pigs will always squeak for food if you do not provide it for them on time.

One thing you should know about these tiny pets is that they are very smart. Take the time to observe your cavies and you’ll notice that they learn quickly.

For Example:

If you always feed them hay at 8:00 am every day, they’ll always look forward to it.

But if for some reason, you were unable to give them hay at 8:00 am, your guinea pigs will start squeaking.

Never miss your small pets’ feeding time and they won’t make funny sounds.

Final Thoughts

As we’ve come to the end of this article, take note of a few important points.

A guinea pig may squeak if he is in pain or another guinea pig is making him uncomfortable.

On the other hand, a cavy may also squeak if he is happy, hungry, thirsty, sick, or lacks attention.

Furthermore, your cavies will always squeak for food if you don’t feed them at the exact time you normally do.

Finally, guinea pigs do not squeak without reason. Therefore, always ensure they are comfortable, healthy, and happy.

Apart from squeaking, your small pets make other noises.

Want to know what other sounds your pets can make?

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