3 Reasons Why Mice Are Attracted to My Car (Signs & Tips)

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In this article, we will discuss the 3 most common reasons why mice are attracted to your car. In addition, I will give you some great tips to prevent this from happening!

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Picture of a mouse inside a car bonnet.

There are different reasons why mice get attracted to cars.

These reasons include:

  • Shelter 
  • Food 
  • Warmness


Surprisingly, cars make a good home for mice.  They can still find their way in even if you park inside or outside your house.  When mice enter your car, they are looking for a safe place to hide. 

They enter your car the same way they enter your house in an attempt to hide from predators. In addition, mice come in and chew your upholstery, wires, and insulation without any second thought.

And if they happen to die off, you’ll deal with the bad smell until you clean up.


Mice are also attracted to your car because it is closer to a food source.

If you are the type that leaves leftover food, in your car, be assured that mice will find their way in. In addition, check if your car is parked close to a trash bin where they can easily access food.

To avoid that, always trash any leftover foods, junk, or crumbs. 


Warmth is another factor that can attract mice to your car, especially in the winter months. 

While driving your car, the engine gives off heat energy and this continues for hours after you park it. This makes it an ideal place for mice to come and warm themselves. Simply put, it is their escape from the cold.

Now that you know the reason why mice are attracted to your car, would you like to know the signs you can use to tell?

Read more to find out.

Signs of Mouse  Living In Your Car 

Surprisingly, when you park your car for so long without use, it turns into a perfect home for mice. This happens even if your windows and doors are locked. Mice have a thousand ways to get inside.

Apart from being surprised when you see them, there are visible signs to tell you mice live in your car.

These signs include:

  • Mice droppings and claw marks
  • Bad smell 
  • Mice nests 
  • Holes on upholsteries
  • Chewed wires and cables

5 Tips To Keep Mice Away From Your Car

There are things you can do to keep mice away permanently from your car

Tip 1: Always park in the carport

When you park your car in the garage, you reduce the chances of mice entering it. So, always park in your carport if you can. This is to avoid these tiny creatures from creeping into your car.

And also make sure that your doors, sunproof, and windows are properly closed. 

Likewise, use your car often. The most reasonable way to keep mice far from your car is to use the car regularly.  Vehicles that get abandoned over time usually invite mice.

Tip 2: Keep your car neat

A car that is loaded with junk and food debris is an enticing place for mice to stay.

Ensure you clean the inside and outside of your car. And also remove leaves that may be stuck in the engine side.

Tip 3: Close any opening in your car 

If any of your doors or windows get spoilt, quickly repair them. Because if you don’t, it might not always close. Hence, giving mice space to come in. 

Again, if you notice one opening or another in your car, find a way to close or fix it.

Tip 4: Don’t keep your car near a food source

Make efforts to keep your car far away from places where mice can find food.  

Parking close to places like trash bins or bird feed is not a good idea unless they are stored in airtight containers.

Tip 5: Don’t allow water to pass into your car. 

Mice are mostly attracted to wet areas because they can survive there. Therefore, it is necessary not to allow moisture to build up in your car. 

This moisture build-up can be due to a leaking heater, damp clothing, or a blocked pollen filter.

If you notice this problem with water droplets, take your car for inspection and repairs.


Mice are attracted to cars because of shelter, food, and warmth.

Clear signs like holes in your car seats, chewed wires, bad smells, mice droppings, etc. are evidence that mice live in your car.

You can avoid all these by keeping your car neat, fixing openings, parking in the carport, and other tips highlighted in this article.

I trust you now understand why mice would enter your car. But would you also like to know if they enter with their babies? 

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