Can Guinea Pigs and Bunnies Play Together

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Like me, you might want to keep more than one pet in your home. You’re probably wondering if guinea pigs can play together with bunnies.

It depends. You should not keep bunnies and guinea pigs to play together because guinea pigs and bunnies can bully each other. 

Bunnies and guinea pigs are both social animals, so companionship is essential in their care. As a result, you might want to keep these two species with similar species. 

If you want them to play together, introduce them early. 

While it’s possible to have them play together, you should understand that there are still risks you should consider as an owner.

Let’s take 5 different reasons below…

5 Reasons Not To Let Your Guinea Pigs & Bunnies Play Together

These innocent pets would look good playing together. Nonetheless, there are many reasons why you should avoid putting these creatures together:


In plain sight, it is difficult to tell if your guinea pig or bunny has a dangerous disease. Both species can transmit disease to each other within seconds of playing together. 

Diseases that are mild in bunnies, like Bordetella bronchiseptica (a bacterial infection of the upper respiratory tract of several species), are severe in guinea pigs. 


Guinea pigs and bunnies communicate differently. Poor communication will lead to frustration and loneliness when both species are separated from species of their own. 

You shouldn’t expect bunnies and guinea pigs to communicate just like humans, and apes do.

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Guinea pigs and bunnies may harm each other. Bunnies are bigger and stronger than guinea pigs. If it’s a one-to-one engagement, rabbits will just throw their weight around, which is a risk to the guinea pig. 

In addition, rabbits kick their hind legs back while sprinting; these could land in the guinea pig’s path and cause serious injury. Bunnies have sharp claws that may strike the guinea pig wrongly.

A claw strike may cause infection and diseases like corneal ulcers. 


It is more ideal that you’d want to feed both pets when they play together. However, you’ll end up looking out for them the whole time.

You will have no way of confirming who is eating what.

Bunnies are also known for harassing guinea pigs out of their food bowls, depriving them of their nutrition.

Exercise Needs

Guinea pigs doing exercises

Guinea pigs and bunnies have different exercise needs when playing. Due to their different body states, they have different playing needs.

It’s preferable to pick a big enough area for a bunny to hop, skip, and leap about in. 

Bunnies in the wild may cross over an average of 30 tennis courts in a single day, but guinea pigs’ legs are too short to carry them as far. 

An area that is too small for a rabbit and guinea pig duo will encourage bullying and increase the likelihood of injury.

Do Bunnies Kill Guinea Pigs?

Yes, but not intentionally. It mostly happens accidentally when both are playing or get into a fight. Bunnies are stronger than guinea pigs. 

By striking out with their powerful rear legs or leaping over the guinea pig, bunnies may injure or kill a guinea pig without intending to. 

Guinea pigs have been known to eat rabbit fur, which may cause them issues.

In addition, rabbits may become aggressive and dominating. This can lead to frustration and attacks on the guinea pig.

Owning Guinea Pigs & Bunnies – What To Do

What do you do if you own both guinea pigs and bunnies? You need to find a way for both of them to co-exist. If not, you should have separate closures for them. 

  • Ensure you have the right requirements for both, considering their diet. 
  • If you want to put them together, your availability is highly recommended to avoid injuries. 
  • You could try and introduce your pets to each other. However, you need to be careful. 
  • Trying new activities inside their enclosures is a good way to learn how to keep them together. 
  • Keep them apart and give them supervised playtime if they accept it. 
  • Provide a safe enclosure for the guinea pigs with an entrance big enough for them but too small for the rabbit. 

What Animals Can Play With Guinea Pigs?

  • Guinea Pigs 

Other guinea pigs are the best play buddies for these species. Because of similar traits, it is easy for them to cope. Guinea pigs are not good with other animals.

Even the same species could have problems with each other.

Guinea pigs are very selective with who they play with. Choosing a good play buddy for these pets can stress you up. 

What Animal Can Play With Bunnies?

  • Rabbit

Rabbits get along with fellow rabbits because they don’t feel threatened by one of their own.

  • Cats

Rabbits get along with cats, especially larger-bred rabbits. Many rabbits will rule over their feline companions, pushing them from their favorite spots. 

Cats and guinea pigs can play together

If the bunny does run away from the cat, introduce the bunny to the cat in his cage. Alternatively, you may place the cat on your lap and let the rabbit explore at his speed.

  • Non-hunting dogs

Allow the dog to approach the bunny carefully, rewarding good behavior and withdrawing the dog immediately if it displays symptoms of excitement or aggression.

Final Thoughts

If combining guinea pigs and bunnies is important, it is best to do so while they are both young. Neither species will feel as though their area has been invaded, making them less likely to fight. 

You should not introduce a baby guinea pig to an older rabbit. Otherwise, you’ll suffer more costs from veterinary services or fatalities.

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