Can Guinea Pigs Drink Soda?

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After having a long day at work, we sometimes look forward to drinking soda. While taking this fizzy drink, your small pets may want to have a taste too.

And you’ll probably be wondering, can guinea pigs drink soda?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Guinea pigs cannot drink soda. Understand that sugary or carbonated drinks can harm your pets’ sensitive stomachs. 

Moreover, soda contains preservatives and other chemicals that are unhealthy for guinea pigs’ general health.

Hence, to be on the safe side, give these tiny pets clean water only.

We believe you now know that soda is not safe for your cavies. But what happens if you accidentally give soda to your guinea pigs?

Keep on reading to find out!

What Happens If I Accidentally Give Soda To My Guinea Pigs?

Two Cans Of Soda And Two Glasses Of Soda

There’s a high chance your guinea pigs will experience stomach-related problems including diarrhea. 

Keep in mind that soda contains too much sugar and other chemicals, which is harmful to cavies.

Although a little soda may not harm your little pet, keep the drinks away from them.

Avoid giving your guinea pig soda by all means. And if you accidentally give them this fizzy drink, consult the vet immediately.

Nutritional Value of Soda (Coke)

Here are the nutrients in 100 grams of soda:

Total carbohydrate11g

3 Reasons Not To Let Your Guinea Pigs Drink Soda

As we mentioned earlier, soda is not healthy for guinea pigs.

Here are 3 reasons you should not let them have this fizzy drink:

1. Soda Offers No Benefit To Them

Important nutrients such as calcium, vitamin B, iron, and vitamin C are absent in soda. When taken in moderation, these nutrients help prevent diseases in guinea pigs.

Besides, they improve blood circulation, build strong bones and teeth and improve general well-being.

There’s no point giving your pets drinks that offer no nutritional benefit to them.

2. Soda Exposes Them To Health Problems

Soda contains artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and other chemicals, which may damage your cavies’ stomachs. 

It may also expose them to the risk of diarrhea, diabetes, weight gain, and kidney problems.

Even a little amount of soda, over time, may cause long-term harm to your tiny pets.

Naturally, guinea pigs are fragile creatures, and drinks like soda can be too harsh for them. 

3. Soda May Kill Them

While some guinea pigs may not show symptoms after taking soda, others may die immediately. Bear in mind that the body system differs from one cavy to the other.

Interestingly, some guinea pigs may begin to stool after taking soda and die within a few minutes. 

On the other hand, a guinea pig may take the same soda and not experience unpleasant symptoms.

That’s why you should study each of your guinea pigs to know how they react to diets and drinks.

Still, to be safe, take soda out of the reach of all your cavies.

What Can Guinea Pigs Drink (Soda alternative)

Even though soda is not healthy for your tiny pets, there are healthy alternatives. 

Here are 2 other drinks guinea pigs can drink:

  1. Clean Water

Same as humans and other animals, guinea pigs need clean water to function well. Water helps to maintain temperature, lubricate joints, get rid of waste and protect the organs.

Therefore, the most important drink your guinea pigs need every day is clean water.

Normally, your little pets need about 3.4oz (100ml) of fresh water, which they should take at intervals. Since you can’t tell when your guinea pigs will drink water, make sure it is always available to them.

There’s no harm in giving your cavies the same water you drink at home. It ensures you know how the water tastes and hence, prevents them from taking it if it is bad.

  1. Home-made Juice

Natural cranberry juice, orange juice, and apple juice, which have been diluted with water, are healthy for guinea pigs.

Unfortunately, cavies do not produce vitamin C and therefore need to get it from external sources.

Often, juice sold in the stores contains artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and other acidic properties.

Making juice from fruits rich in vitamin C and adding clean water to it is healthy for guinea pigs.

Final Thoughts

Now, we’ve come to the concluding part of this article. Before you leave, keep a few important points in mind.

Soda can be refreshing, and satisfying, but it is not healthy for your guinea pigs. Consult your vet doctor if your guinea pig accidentally drinks soda.

Be aware that soda offers no nutritional benefit to your cavies. Rather, it exposes your pets to health problems and may also kill them.

Finally, always provide clean water for your guinea pigs every day. Once in a while, give them homemade juice that has been diluted with water.

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