Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cucumbers? (A Beginner’s Guide)

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Vegetables are important food you would want to include in your pet’s diet. When summer appears, cucumbers among other succulent veggies, do come in handy. If you own a piggy, you may be wondering, “can guinea pigs eat cucumbers?”

Yes, it’s okay to feed your guinea pigs cucumbers. However, you should serve in reasonable sizes, as treats, and only a few times weekly. Cucumbers are filled with vitamins that are essential for your furry friend and a good amount of water for summer periods. 

Now you’ve known that cucumbers make a great addition to your pet’s meal. Your next question may be “Is it okay to eat the whole part of the cucumber?”

Let’s read more to find out!

Can Guinea Pigs Eat the Whole Cucumber?

Guinea Pig Eating Cucumber

No! You can’t serve a whole cucumber to your furry friend, especially when you’re unsure if some parts can be eaten or not. You’ll find many species of cucumbers, but this typical cucumber is our main interest here. 

Your guinea pig may be able to eat all parts but that doesn’t mean it’s healthy. As we move further we’ll get to know parts that you can serve your piggy and parts you should leave out.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cucumber Peels or Skins?

Yes, cucumber skin is nice for your furry friend to munch. Fiber is present and this supports the breaking down of food in their body. Moreover, these peels should be free from pesticides or wax coating so that your piggy will be free from the dangers they could cause.

This is why it’s best to serve home-grown or organic ones as they’re free from these chemicals.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cucumber Leaves?

Yes, the leaves are among the major edible parts. Although, you can serve without the leaves and keep things safer. The reason is because of some contents in it that could disturb their digestive system and also produce some reactions like sudden vomiting. However, serve bits of it if you wish to include it.

Can Guinea Pigs Have Cucumber Seeds?

Yes, your piggies can eat the seeds. Unlike watermelon, the seeds of cucumbers are soft and cannot cause choking hazards. The primary nutrients to keep your piggy in good shape are also stored in the seeds.

However, you should serve in small amounts as some ingredients in it aren’t safe when your piggies eat too much of it.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cucumber Stem?

No, you shouldn’t let them eat the stem. It might look edible but that’s only an assumption as it is not confirmed yet. So, leave this part out when serving.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cucumber Flowers?

Cucumber Flower - Not a Food for Guinea Pigs

No, piggies can’t eat the flowers. It is still not known how edible this part is for guinea pigs. We can’t assume when it comes to something critical as a piggy’s diet. So, avoid this part when you prepare cucumbers.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cucumber Root?

Yes, you can feed them this portion. Just like other edible parts, it has important nutrients stored in it and can help keep your piggy’s teeth healthy teeth.

Health Benefits of Cucumber for Guinea Pigs

Many essential nutrients in this veggie can keep your piggy active and promote wellness. These benefits and more are why piggy owners don’t fail to include veggies like cucumbers in their diet plan. A well-prepared cucumber treat does the following;

  • Prevents Scurvy

When piggies lack vitamin C, they suffer from scurvy. Creating vitamin C is what their body can’t do and that’s why a well-prepared cucumber treat would help. The amount of vitamin C is little in cucumbers but it’s not a problem as piggies don’t need to be fed in large amounts to get the nutritional value they need.

  • Helps Check Weight

Feeding your piggies cucumber as treats is a reliable way to keep their weight in check. Your piggy won’t have issues digesting this veggie as they’re lightweight. Weight control is possible with cucumbers as the components that contribute to overweight are little in it.

Anytime you notice an unhealthy gain in the weight of your piggy, let them eat cucumbers.

  • Contains Antioxidants for the Body

Antioxidants in cucumbers, like vitamin A, help prevent certain illnesses and boost immunity. It keeps many vital organs, especially the brain and eyes in good condition.

  • Regulates the Cardiovascular System

Cucumbers are less-fatty veggies and help with cardiovascular balance. It helps maintain a stable heartbeat and also check breathing speed.

  • Speeds up Blood Clotting

Vitamin K is present in cucumbers and helps in the clotting of damaged blood vessels. So, injuries won’t have to bleed or stay longer than they should.

  • Another Way to Hydrate

A veggie of 95% of water content would be a great way to hydrate other than the regular water your piggy takes daily. Cucumbers help prevent dehydration and keep your furry friend looking refreshed.

  • Relaxes the Nerves

B6 vitamins are enough in cucumbers. It’s good for your little pet as it helps eliminate stress, promotes good sleep.

How To Prepare Cucumber For Guinea Pigs?

Preparing Cucumbers for Guinea Pigs

Preparing cucumber treats for your little pet is easy and quick. You just have to stick to the right method to get healthy results. Remember that hygiene and serving sizes are crucial.

The steps below can guide you well even if it’s your first time doing it.

Step 1: Select Only Fresh Cucumbers.

Only use fine and fresh cucumbers for the treat. It should also be less bitter. If there’s much bitterness, it indicates that the cucurbitacins in it are too much and that’s not okay for your pet.

Step 2: Wash Cucumbers to Get Rid of External Harm

Next, you should thoroughly wash the cucumber under running water. This helps wipe out the harmful wax and chemicals on it. Neglecting this step means endangering your piggies’ health.

Step 3: Peel the Skin Off the Cucumber

This is a part you get to choose to do. Guinea pigs can eat them and that’s why it’s okay to add them, but the reason you may want to take off this part is if you’re unsure of how clean it is as some chemicals might have remained on it even after washing.

Step 4: Slices Cucumber into Small Sizes

Pick up a knife and board and then cut out thin pieces. More preferably, two slices are okay to serve. This kind of size is okay for your piggy to munch easily and remain safe from choking. This moderate size also helps regulate the number of components they take in.

Step 5: Serve the Cucumber Treats When Done

Serve your little piggy the cucumber treat. Make sure you don’t serve them cold cucumbers.


Once your piggy is finished with the treats, clean up the remnants of the treat as bacteria could form easily on it and put your piggy’s health at risk.

When choosing cucumbers in stores, go for ones that are free from chemical treatments as they could be unsafe for your piggy. Alternatively, it’s safer to home-grown or organic ones.

What Types of Cucumber Can Guinea Pigs Eat

Aside from the normal cucumber, there are other varieties you can serve your little piggy. Just as the original, these other varieties are great to include in the diet.

Can I Feed Lemon Cucumbers to My Guinea Pig?

Yes! Lemon cucumbers are great for your little pet to munch. These varieties are the round, yellow cucumbers. This yellow color is only what makes them similar to lemons.

They’re filled with fiber and minerals and vitamins that are good for your pet’s wellness. Still, you need to serve moderate amounts.

Can I Feed Mini Cucumbers to My Guinea Pig?

Mini Cucumbers - Food for Guinea Pigs

Absolutely! The mini cucumber is a variety your piggy can chew freely. It’s seedless and okay to serve with skin. More importantly, the sizes you serve should still be in bits.

Can I Feed English Cucumbers to My Guinea Pig?

Sure, you can feed them this variety! They appear to be taller but have similar nutrients as the normal ones. You should still serve in smaller amounts to your furry friend.

What Other Vegetables Can My Guinea Pigs Eat Besides Cucumber

Apart from the cucumber treats, a variety of other vegetables that’ll also make great vegetable treats for piggy are available. Have a look at these veggies below.

CarrotsSpinachesBrussel sproutsPepper (green and red ball)Artichokes

The vegetables are also packed with a lot of essential minerals and vitamins. However, when you prepare them, stick to the proper serving methods.

How Much Cucumber Should I Give My Guinea Pig?

Your piggy should have not more than two slices of cucumber every time you serve them. Piggies have a choice so you should not give them cucumbers if they continually refuse it. It’s part of their nature as herbivores to be selective of their diet, especially veggies.

How Often Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cucumbers?

Few times a week is okay! It’s risky to feed your piggy cucumber every day. Moreover, you should stick to the proper schedule with a maximum of 4 days.

However, 1-3 days is more ideal. This weekly schedule helps keep them safe from the risks cucumber could put on your pet’s health.

Can Cucumbers Treat Dehydration?

Yes, they can. Water-enriched foods are part of the major treatment for dehydration. Your guinea pig would benefit from the cucumbers you feed them.

Dehydration comes with other effects like dry skin or breathing issues which cucumbers deal with. All this being said, cucumbers would help your pet any time dehydration arises.

Can Cucumbers Treat Scurvy?

No! You can’t treat scurvy by just feeding cucumbers to your piggy. This illness comes about when your furry friend lacks the necessary vitamin C they need. 

Nevertheless, enough cucumber treat helps in preventing this illness from happening.

Can Cucumbers Treat Urinary Tract Stones?

No, cucumbers can’t treat this disorder. They rather tend to promote the outcome of it. The reason is that because of the calcium in cucumbers which adult piggies don’t use well and later stacks up in the urinary tracts of your little pet.

This way, the urinary tract stone disease can arise and other complications like the damaging of vital organs or something more fatal. Although calcium isn’t much in cucumbers, don’t forget to serve in bits.

Final Thoughts

To wrap it all up, cucumber is one veggie your furry friend can enjoy and benefit from. Carefully follow the steps when preparing these cucumber treats to make sure you’re serving them to your little pet in the proper manner.

Moreover, the serving sizes and schedules also matter. If you prepare it wrongly, you can endanger your piggies but if you do it right, you’re making it safe for them to munch without trouble.

Take your time to keep your little pets in a good state and don’t hesitate to share this content if it was helpful 

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