Does A Guinea Pig Make A Good Pet? (19 Reasons Why)

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Are you planning to have your own pet, but you don’t want the usual cat and dog trends? Well, there are few other pets that you can choose from, just like the cute and cuddly guinea pigs. However, are guinea pigs good pets?

The best answer is yes. South American rodents (family Caviidae) with short, rough-haired tails are known as guinea pigs or cavies. I own 2 of them and I can’t resist their cuteness!

Well, you may be wondering why guinea pigs are considered good pets. Let’s discuss why!

19 Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Make Good Pets:

1. Guinea Pigs Are Very Cuddly.

a very cuddly guinea pigs close up shot

Whether they are fat or skinny, guinea pigs look really cute and cuddly with their rounded ears and their little legs. And who doesn’t like that?

Cuddles is their favorite pastime. Remember, however, that not all guinea pigs enjoy cuddling equally, and some may not like to do so as much as others. You need to carefully handle your pet if you want it to be as affectionate as possible.

2. Cavies Are Low Maintenance Pets.

Owners do not need to give constant attention when looking after cavies. Aside from their regular diet, owners only need to clean the cage every once in a while.

Unlike some expensive dogs that need regular grooming, checkups, and more, cavies require almost nothing. They only require their owners to do the usual things they need: food, shelter, and some attention. Sounds very convenient, right?

3. Guinea Pigs Are Quiet Animals.

Guinea pigs do make some sounds but overall, they are very quiet creatures. Even if they are inside a cage, owners don’t have to worry about disturbing neighbors.

Unlike roosters and dogs that are known to make loud sounds, guinea pigs are not disturbing at all. So, if you do not prefer loud animals, they are the perfect pets for you. The same is true if you have some noise-sensitive neighbors.

4. Cavies Eat Food Cleanly.

Cavies like eating hay and vegetables so they can be fed cleanly. No need to add any artificial or processed food to their diet. But you can give them pellets as alternatives.

If you are not fond of making wet meals for your pets, then you can have cavies as pets. Most of their diet consists of dry foods, which are not difficult to clean. Thus, you don’t need to wash their bedding every day.

5. Guinea Pigs Are Easy To Look After.

guinea pigs are easy to look after
Photo Source: Secret London

Looking after guinea pigs may require a lot of consideration. But, their diet and exercise requirements do not take long to accomplish every day.

Basically, you can leave them from time to time. Just make sure they have enough food to eat if you will be gone for long hours. You can also consider giving your guinea pigs some toys that will motivate them to move.

6. Cavies Are Social Animals.

Cavies are herd animals. They prefer to be surrounded by their kind rather than one alone. In fact, they are even happier if their owner is also present.

Therefore, if you have these animals at home make sure you give them time for interaction. Cavies would like to feel that you give them attention. Yes, you can say that they are attention seekers.

7. Guinea Pigs Are Not As Dirty As Mice.

Guinea pigs only clean themselves when they are in the shower. And, of course, owners have to help them do so. They can still be personal hygiene freaks.

Most of you feel disgusted whenever you see mice. However, we don’t feel the same way with guinea pigs although they belong to the same family. Well, apart from their neat appearance, they actually love taking showers; see some videos for yourself.

8. Cavies Can Live Well With Children.

Guinea pigs are fairly small in size, so they can be handled by small hands. And, they can live well with different types of children.

If you have a child who wants to have some pets, you can consider giving him or her these pets to take care of. Children are not very hands-on with their pets. So, giving them pets like cavies that they can play with and simply leave with food is the best choice.

9. Guinea Pigs Do Not Require A Lot Of Space.

Guinea pigs can be kept in small houses or even cages. Owners do not have to worry about giving them ample space because they can be content with a little house or a cage.

A guinea pig is happy roaming around its box cage, unlike dogs and cats that want to explore the whole house. If you want to promote exercise among them, buy some toys like chewable and balls. You can put the cage in one corner and all is well.

10. Cavies Do Not Usually Get Sick.

Unlike cats and dogs, cavies do not suffer from a lot of certain illnesses. They do, however, occasionally contract diseases that can be cured with just a few medications or even through recovery alone.

One of the common diseases of cavies is scurvy or vitamin c deficiency. If this happens to your pet, just feed them with food that is rich in vitamin c or give them some medications. These diseases rarely happen as long as they are taken care of properly.

11. Guinea Pigs Are Inexpensive.

Guinea pigs are not expensive. Their food and a small home don’t cost much, so owners can easily afford to give them everything they need.

So if you are on a tight budget and you still want to buy an adorable pet, guinea pigs will satisfy your desire. They are so cute and cuddly, yet they are so affordable; not even their food. They are also the perfect affordable gift to someone.

12. Cavies Love Being Petted.

cavies love being petted by owner

Cavies like being petted, so owners benefit from spending time with them. They will also enjoy sitting on the lap of their owner while being stroked and cuddled by him.

Yes, you read that right. So if you want to enjoy your favorite movie on a cold night while rubbing your pet, cavies will never disappoint you. They will sit still on your lap quietly as they too enjoy the time that you give them.

13. Guinea Pigs Live Long Lives.

Guinea pigs can live up to eight years old even if they are being taken care of properly, so owners will not have to worry about losing them anytime soon.

Surely, you don’t want pets that die immediately, right? What about 4 to 8 years of bonding time, would that be good enough? Well, you and your guinea pigs can make a lot of memories together in those years.

14. Cavies Are Curious Creatures.

Even if cavies do not leave their cage often, they will still have that curious spirit that makes them want to explore and check out the environment outside their cage.

As a responsible and loving owner, give cavies a tour around the house. You can also put them outside to eat grass. That will make them feel appreciated and loved because you give them the bonding time that they need.

15. Guinea Pigs Are Easy To Socialize With Other Pets.

guinea pigs with other animals
Photo Source: Milhaven Guinea Pig Rescue

Guinea pigs rarely have any problems living together with other pets including cats and dogs. In fact, it is a great idea to have them live together because this way, owners can be assured that their pets are never lonely.

Moreover, guinea pigs can also develop a sense of belongingness towards other pets in the house. Despite the fact that they are prey types of animals, they can still live peacefully with predators like cats and dogs. Isn’t that interesting?

16. Cavies Like Eating Fresh Fruits And Vegetables.

Cavies don’t only like eating veggies, but they also enjoy eating fruits that are fresh. To see them munching healthy food makes them even more adorable.

They are definitely true vegetarians. Who knows, they might be able to influence you with their healthy eating habits. By the way, if you haven’t seen cavies eating apples yet, I recommend you watch them now on YouTube.

17. Guinea Pigs Are Safe To Have Around Children.

kids are safe to play around with guinea pigs

Parents can confidently bring guinea pigs inside their homes because they are safe to have around kids. They Don’t bite or make loud noises.

In the presence of new visitors, domesticated animals can become aggressive. There is a greater risk of harm to a child playing with a dog or cat than a guinea pig. Besides, these cuddly little pets love socializing in the first place.

18. Cavies Live Well Indoors.

Cavies are not the type of pets that can mess up the whole house. They can even be brought to the office because they can live well inside a little cage.

Try cavies if your cats and dogs get on your nerves by messing around the house. They are much more manageable inside the house than cats and dogs. All you have to do is to put them in a cage and they are good already.

19. Guinea Pigs are Social Media Friendly.

Do you love to do a vlog or photoshoot with your pets? Guinea pigs will never disappoint you with their photogenic appearance.

They are so cute and lovely, especially if you put them under the camera. In fact, you can make a whole page for showcasing your pet gallery. There are also many influencers who vlog with their cuddly guinea pigs around.

Here are some interesting questions that are commonly asked about guinea pigs.

Are Guinea Pigs Considered Exotic Pets?

Yes, you can consider guinea pigs as exotic pets. Exotic pets are unusual, rare, or unique pets that are often thought of as wild animals rather than pet companions.

There are many types of exotic pets, including rodents (rats, hamsters, guinea pigs), birds, reptiles (lizards, turtles, snakes), rabbits, ferrets, marsupials (sugar gliders), pigs, hedgehogs, amphibians (frogs), and arachnids (spiders, scorpions).

Is A Guinea Pig A Good Class Pet?

Yes, a guinea pig is a good pet for the class. While caring for guinea pigs in the classroom, children can learn responsibility and respect for pets.

Moreover, cavies are the social-type pets that students can bring to school during pet days. They are also far from causing any harm for the students because they are not wild types of animals.

Do Guinea Pigs Like To Be Held?

Yes, they do. Most of the conditioned cavies are used to being held by humans. However, it’s not the same thing when it comes to the wild guinea pigs.

Several animals snatch wild guinea pigs and eat them. Therefore, a guinea pig will run when it sees your hand coming toward it. But, with proper care and constant engagement, you can train them to love being held.

Do Guinea Pigs Stink?

Yes, they can be stinky. However, they love taking a bath, so with proper care, they will not get stinky at all. Well, as pet owners we are responsible for their hygiene.

The smell of Guinea pigs can indeed be problematic, but you can improve the smell with a lot of methods. When they are unhealthy, not properly cared for, and insufficiently kept, their odor becomes bad.

The cage is often the cause of the smell and not the guinea pigs themselves. So, if you regularly clean their cages, there would be less of a problem when it comes to their smell. Again, always remember that as pet owners we are responsible for them.

Final Thoughts

In this article, you learned the 19 reasons why guinea pigs are excellent home pets. You also found out the answers to the common questions that are usually asked about them. So, if you believe that they are the perfect pet for you, consider having one now.

Cavies are definitely lovely animals. Their natural charm is irresistible. Well, what else would you look for a pet, if you have 19 reasons to own a guinea pig at your home, right?

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