Can Guinea Pigs Get High?

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Are you smoking but also wondering if guinea pigs can get affected?

Let’s find out below!

Yes, guinea pigs can get high. You should not take any cannabinoids near them. In fact, they are may cause health problems to your pets in the long run.

First, the weed is harmful to them, and second, their body mass is smaller than humans; Therefore the effects are stronger in a guinea pig than in you. 

Smoking around your guinea pig is dangerous. Here are reasons why you shouldn’t smoke near your guinea pig.

5 Reasons Not To Smoke Around Your Guinea Pigs


Guinea pigs are not used to getting high. Introducing that feeling in them may be more stressful than you think. 

Guinea pigs are frightened easily, and anybody change will cause them a lot of damage, which may be fatal. 

The stress may come as a result of confusion and disorientation. 

2. Respiratory disease

Guinea pigs have extremely sensitive respiratory systems to airborne pollutants, increasing their risk of developing respiratory issues (pneumonia) and lung disease when exposed to passive smoke. 

A simple cough or sneeze can indicate early signs of respiratory diseases. Smoking around your guinea pig is one danger of infecting your guinea pigs.  

Short noses are ineffective, allowing more droplets and carcinogens to enter the lungs. Guinea pigs may develop lung cancer more easily than other long-nosed pets.

3. Eye Infections

Guinea pigs can get eye infections from passive smoke. Exposing smoke to your guinea pig will irritate the delicate membranes of your guinea pig’s eyes. 

4. Mouth Infections

guinea pig with mouth infection
CTRO: Guinea pig cages

Guinea pigs are harmed by waste that attaches to rugs, pet fur, and furniture long after you clear the air in the room.

Cavies who groom themselves excessively may develop tumors in their mouths due to licking off harmful particles that collect on their fur from smoke-filled air.

These clean pets expose their mouth mucous membranes to carcinogenic substances that cause oral tumors.

5. Skin Disease

Smoke is very dangerous for your guinea pig’s skin. The chemicals in cannabis and tobacco products can cause skin infections. 

The smoke causes premature skin aging under high and low doses. Nicotine disorganizes the collagen bundles and increases the spaces between them. 

How to Keep Your Guinea Pig From Getting High


The best way to keep your guinea pig from getting high is quitting. At this level, you don’t have to worry about your guinea pig getting high and the effects that come with it. 


Alternatively, avoid intake near your guinea pig. Ensure you’re at a safe distance from your guinea pig whenever you want to smoke. 

Good Ventilation

Good ventilation will help to reduce the potentiality of impure air. You could also clean up surfaces that your guinea pig comes into contact with oftenly. 

Smoke is highly invisible, and it could build up on surfaces and clothes. Opening up your windows and doors may not eliminate all the smoke.

But you could use an air purifier to fasten the process. 

Reduce your Intake

Reducing your intake will directly affect your guinea pig. The less you take, the less your guinea pug takes. As much as your pets won’t stop getting high, the intake will reduce. 

Clear The Area

Once you finish smoking, remove any ashtrays or filters around the guinea pig to restrict access. 

Wash Your Hands

To avoid making your guinea pig from getting high from the touch, wash your hands immediately after smoking. 

Regular Cleaning

Wash your household items like carpets and floors to remove toxic particles which may make your guinea pig high.

Provide Fresh Meals

Once you’re done smoking, ensure you change the water and meals your guinea pigs take. Also, ensure that you clean the water and food containers before putting anything in.  

Do Guinea Pigs Have Cannabinoid Receptors?

Yes, guinea pis have cannabinoid receptors. They have cannabinoid receptors in their small intestines and their brain. 

0-1184 acts as a cannabinoid receptor antagonist in the guinea pig. Longitudinal muscle preparation for the myenteric plexus.

These receptors are mostly found in vertebrates like rats and mice. So before smoking cannabis, think about your pets first!

Final Thoughts

Guinea pigs are very sensitive animals, and they can get high from smoke inhalation. Putting them in conditions that make them high is harmful to their health.

Always remember to keep your pets safe all the time. I provided several ways to ensure you cavies’ safety.

These includes quitting, washing your hands and cleaning regularly.

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