Can Guinea Pigs Roll in A Ball

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I get it, you want your guinea pigs to be healthy and strong. You just found out that hamsters can use a ball to exercise. 

In case you’re wondering, can guinea pigs also roll in a ball?

No. Guinea pig spines are not designed to move or bend backward. Being trapped in these toys can cause severe pain and even irreversible damage.

It’s possible to find balls and wheels for guinea pigs in pet stores or online, but they’re not good for guinea pigs. Guinea pigs enjoy nibbling and tossing things around, but not running or climbing.

Guinea pigs love playing, but here’s why guinea pigs can’t roll in a ball.

Why Can’t Guinea Pigs Roll In A Ball?

Balls are harmful to guinea pigs. These activities are acceptable for some pocket pets, such as mice, rats, hamsters, and gerbils but not for guinea pigs. 

Do not trust the marketing in packages, even if it says it is suitable for guinea pigs. Cavies have different anatomy, and a ball can seriously injure their backs. 

Furthermore, balls are very enclosed and do not allow sufficient air circulation, which might lead to heatstroke. This condition is frequently fatal in guinea pigs.

Prolonged time in the ball may result in spinal injuries for your guinea pigs. You may believe your cavies are getting their daily workout on the ball, but it is more dangerous to them. 

As a result, the ball will harm them rather than keep your guinea pigs healthy. 

Picture a hamster in a ball. Isn’t his back very arched? Your guinea pig’s back, on the other hand, is not developed in the same way, making it dangerous for them.

So as a guinea pig owner, 

Factors to Consider When Getting Guinea Pig Toys


Toys for your guinea pigs should be safe and should not injure your guinea pig. Avoid toys that your guinea pig may fall off and injure their body.

Chew Factor

Toys that guinea pigs can chew on are among the top toys you should choose. These toys help your guinea pigs’ dental health. 

However, ensure the material on all chew toys to prevent providing your guinea pig with harmful substances. 

Hiding Places

Guinea pigs like to feel secure and safe. Provide your guinea pig with toys they can hide. It should be comfortable and big enough for it only. 

What You Should Consider Using:

One of the benefits of having guinea pigs is that you don’t have to spend a lot to please them. There are toys that replicate what the guinea pigs enjoy to do-nibble and burrow. 

Here’s a collection of toys you could get:


If you own a guinea pig, you’re familiar with the fact that your pet loves to chew. 

So, how could you prevent your guinea pig from nibbling on its cage bars, baseboard, and improper furniture? 

Hay twists. These twists are ideal for scattering over their pet palace or placing them in their playground during supervised time away from their home.

Guinea Pig Wall

Attaching a playing wall to your pet’s habitat gives physical enrichment by requiring them to climb and saves floor space, giving them more area to explore. 

A play wall usually has replaceable items and various sorts and colors, allowing you to mix and match them at your leisure.


Guinea pigs love exploring. What else could be a better tool of exploration, if not a tunnel? Other than maximizing the ability to explore.  Tunnels are also a safe hiding space against bigger animals. 

Tunnels come in different shapes and sizes and are made of different materials. Some are made of edible hay, while others are cloth or fleece. 

Furthermore, some tunnels are foldable when you want to clear the space for other toys. Also, you can attach some tunnels with different accessories to build creative toys. 

Play Pen

A playpen allows the guinea pig to play freely but in a confined space. A playpen allows your guinea pig to stay outside its cage and explore. Most playpens are detachable. 

You can also expand the playpen if you want to add the playing area. However, you should supervise your guinea pig in the playpen so they don’t knock it down or cross over to the open space. 

Hay House

Hay is essential for your guinea pig. It is a source of fiber and healthy for their teeth. A hay house is a house-like structure with two or more openings where you put hay.

During their exploration, guinea pigs can enter the hay house to munch some hay while playing. The guinea pigs can also use the hay house as a hiding place.

Snuggle Bag

Guinea pigs love to snuggle. Many snuggle bags are made of fleece linen, providing a good snuggle space. 

The fleece feels good on the guinea pig’s body, making it a comfortable snuggle spot. You should get more than one snuggle bag for convenience purposes. 

Before buying a snuggle bag, ensure you know the right size for your guinea pig. 

Cloth Hideout

You can have a cloth hideout for your guinea pig other than tunnels and a hay house. A cloth hideout is attached at one corner of the playpen, and it provides a good hiding area. 

Cloth hideouts are usually made of soft fleece material, which is washable and provides great comfort to your guinea pig. 

Chew Toy Variety Pack

The chew toy variety pack has a couple of toys that your guinea pig can chew on. Introducing these to their play area is a good idea because there’s variety.

The variety pack has ropes, wooden blocks, sticks, and bells, making it a good choice for your guinea pig play area.

I love the variety pack because it will serve you for a long time. With only one purchase, you’ll have many toys that you can introduce at different times. 

Hanging Snuggle Hut

A hanging snuggle hut is suitable for your guinea pig, ready to satisfy the snuggle urge in your guinea pig. 

Most of these items are made of fleece linen to provide the comfort your pet needs. It is hung on the cage using ropes or chains, which you can move around the cage at any time. 

Position the snuggle hut at a low comfortable position that makes it easy for your guinea pig to climb and avoid falling risk. 

Final Thoughts

Guinea pigs are playful animals, but rolling balls are not an option. Instead, provide toys that will fully satisfy their needs and provide the safety they need. 

Toys should enhance the guinea pigs’ spirit of exploration and chewing and offer a space for hiding. Introduce at least one of each toy satisfying the different needs.

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