Can Guinea Pigs Play In The Water?

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You’re probably wondering if guinea pigs love playing in the water. This article explains all there is about guinea pigs and water. 

No, guinea pigs don’t enjoy playing in the water a bit. Guinea pigs can get in the water if there is no other option. They may decide to get through the water to access food or escape predators.

However, their desire to play won’t stop there. You should avoid putting your guinea pig in the tub or swimming pool because it could be dangerous to them. 

Read the whole article to see if it is safe for a guinea pig to swim. Also, know how far you should let your guinea pig go in the water. 

Is It Safe For Guinea Pigs To Swim?

No, swimming is dangerous for your guinea pig. Guinea pigs don’t have much ability to swim. Instead, they have a lot of strength to run and chase. 

When guinea pigs are near water, they require special attention. Wild guinea pigs are good swimmers, but only when fighting for their lives.

Guinea Pigs do not dwell above water because they usually live in shallow areas where they spend most of their lives. Therefore water is an unusual thing for them.

They are too little to be put straight in the water to swim. If you want them to swim, teach them gradually. 

These small cavies are smart, and they adapt rapidly to their surroundings, which is beneficial for their owners who want them to learn to swim.

5 Risks of Letting Your Guinea Pigs Swim

1. Stress

It’s important to remember that your guinea pig is a prey animal, no matter how cute and cuddly. 

Its stress levels increase when forced into conditions that make it feel unsafe or afraid. Being stressed out for an extended period can result in long-term health problems for your pig.

There’s also a potential that your guinea pig will start fearing you, and that’s the last thing you want.

2. Pneumonia

Guinea pigs struggle to regulate their body temperatures; being in cold water for a long time puts them in danger of getting pneumonia.

After a warm bath, you must dry your guinea pig fully and immediately avoid getting into this dangerous condition.

3. Exhaustion 

Guinea pigs aren’t built for swimming. They have little arms and legs with weak muscles to swim around for any period. Guinea pigs don’t have the right energy to swim, and they can drown. 

4. Ear Infection

Guinea pigs are prone to infections; however, ear infections occur rarely unless the water gets into their ears from swimming. 

Without early treatment, the infection will extend to the inner ear and eventually the nervous system, which may lead to death. 

5. Skin Complications

Guinea pigs have a thick coat, and water drains their natural oils, leading to skin irritations. 

What Happens If Your Guinea Pig Gets Wet?

a wet guinea pig in a pond

Guinea pigs have dense fur that can accumulate a lot of water when they get wet, and it may cause temperature swings and stress serious respiratory and fungal illnesses.  

Bathing is important for some situations, but only with specific volumes of water and in a controlled manner.

Furthermore, guinea pigs don’t love water, so it’s an uncomfortable feeling for them. 

How Long Can Your Guinea Pigs Be in The Water?

Guinea pigs are not used to staying in water for any time. Putting your guinea pig in water for any period can be torture to them.

This means that any time your guinea pig spends in water can have consequences later unless handled early and carefully. 

Can Guinea Pigs Go In Shallow Water?

Yes, some guinea pigs enjoy walking around shallow water. However, the water must not be higher than their thighs.

Although many guinea pigs avoid being in any kind of water, there are some exceptions to this.

Ensure the water is not very cold and that you have a towel available to wipe off any water as soon as it comes out.

If your guinea pig enjoys staying in the water and moving about, you could let them play for a little while.

However, they do not enjoy staying in the water in most situations. So you quickly bath them in a small water-filled sink and cover them in a towel after.

Can Guinea Pigs Swim In The Bathtub?

Yes, they can, but not for leisure. You might see this if you’re trying to bathe your pet and they don’t want it. 

Guinea pigs find water activities distressing. Additionally, if the guinea pig is swimming quickly to reach one end of the tub, it indicates that it dislikes staying in the water.

For these reasons, bathing a guinea pig in a tub with a lot of water is not good, especially if they haven’t been exposed to water since birth.

Can Guinea Pigs Swim In A Chlorine Pool?

No, you do not want to push your guinea pig to swim in a pool. Pools are deep, and the danger of a guinea pig drowning is very great.

Furthermore, chlorine is very harmful to their skin. It can cause rashes, hair loss, and other skin problems.

Making your guinea pig swim cruel. Serious health problems in your pet can result in death in some situations.

Final Thoughts

Because guinea pigs can swim, it doesn’t mean they enjoy it. However, you may need to give them a quick bath in some cases. 

But don’t feel the urge, mainly if your guinea pig has made it clear that he hates being in the water.

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