Do Guinea Pigs Like to Sleep Together? (Solved!)

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Your cavy has just got a new cage mate; Another guinea pig to share the space with. However, you’re not sure if they can share the same bed.

This makes you wonder –  do guinea pigs like to sleep together?

No, guinea pigs don’t like to sleep together. Sleeping together isn’t something they generally do. They love to have their own sleeping space! 

However, guinea pigs can often sleep together. This is most common with guinea pigs that have bonded well with each other. 

It’s fine if guinea pigs like to sleep together or not. This depends on the relationship they have with each other.

Having known that guinea pigs normally don’t like to sleep together, you might be wondering – do guinea pigs need separate beds?

Can they all sleep in one bed?

Let’s find out!

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Do Guinea Pigs Need Separate Beds?

Guinea Pig Sleeping Alone on its Own Bed

Yes, guinea pigs need separate bed spaces. It’s advisable you make different bed spaces for each guinea pig you have. 

You should know that even bonded cavies might not sleep together all the time. You wouldn’t want them going around looking for a private spot to do this when they can always set up bed spaces for each of them

You can relate this with your visiting a friend often. Of course, you won’t be doing that almost every day. This is how it is for guinea pigs.

This doesn’t mean they don’t like to be around each other. It’s fine to place their beds pretty much close to each other. But It just should not be one sleeping bed for more than one guinea pig.

When guinea pigs like to sleep together doesn’t mean they don’t like their own bed spaces. 

A time can come when they’ll want to nap alone. Moreover, a guinea pig can always leave its bed to go cuddle tight with another guinea pig they’re very close to.

Do Guinea Pigs Cuddle Each Other?

In general, no! Guinea pigs don’t cuddle with each other. They love their own personal space. 

However, there are cases where you’ll see guinea pigs cuddling each other. It just depends on your guinea pig’s personality. 

In the same way, guinea pigs normally cuddle with their owners that whom they are very close. 

It’s a way of showing their affection. Once guinea pigs bond very well with each other, they can cuddle themselves when sleeping. 

You’ll see them curling around themselves or lying so close to each other.

This is a very friendly behavior and one you’ll see mostly among very friendly guinea pigs.

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Final Thoughts

In summary, guinea pigs don’t normally like to sleep together. However, it’s more likely they will if they’re bonded to each other so well. It all depends on the relationship between the guinea pigs.

Moreover, when setting up bed spaces for your guinea pigs, you should make one for each guinea pig. 

So you shouldn’t mind the fact that your guinea pigs sleep in the same bed. Since it isn’t a common thing for them to sleep together, it can always change.

Some guinea pigs may indeed like each other’s company during bedtime. just make sure there are more bed spaces.

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