Guinea Pigs & Muslims: 4 Questions Answered!

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There are a lot of debates going on the internet on how Muslims should treat guinea pigs.

In this article, we will discuss 4 frequently asked questions about guinea pigs and Muslims.

Are Guinea Pigs Halal or Haram (Explained)?

Muslim people who want to take guinea pigs as pets are concerned about the fact whether guinea pig is halal or not.

According to their religious book ‘Quran’, they are not allowed to keep certain animals. That is why people tend to ask questions regarding guinea pigs.

To answer that question, guinea pigs are not halal or haram. There is no mention of guinea pigs in ‘The Quran’. So, it’s clear that guinea pigs are allowed in Islam.

Below are the three most important reasons why guinea pigs are not halal or haram.

#Reason 1: No Mention of Guinea Pigs in the Quran

There are some dietary regulations and animal restrictions in the Islam Religion. The ‘Quran’ specifies some animals to take as pets and excludes some.

There are no early sources in Islam that discuss the guinea pig or the capybara. This is because they are both New World animals.

However, Islamic judges, known as faqiha, usually compare them to a common Arabian animal known as a “webr” (وبر). It is translated as a “rock hyrax” due to the similarities in size and shape. 

However, rock hyraxes do not fall in the same group as rodents like the guinea pig and capybara.

#Reason 2: Guinea Pigs are not Pigs

Another reason for being concerned about guinea pigs is because many people think it to be related to pigs. 

Since there is ‘pig’ in its name they think it’s equivalent to a pig. And pig or pork is forbidden in Islam. So, one might be confused as to whether to have a guinea pig or not.

There is no restriction against having pets such as guinea pigs or capybara, despite the fact that both of these animals are referred to by the Arabic word “khanazir” (خنزير), which means “pig.” 

More specifically, the name for a guinea pig is “khanazir ghiniya”( خنزير غينيا).

However, the use of the word “pig” in the name does not have any influence on whether or not it is allowed in Islam.


#Reason 3: Guinea Pigs are Non-Aggressive 

Animals that are by nature dangerous, such as scorpions and snakes are not allowed in Islam.

Otherwise noted, it is acceptable to keep animals that are not aggressive by their very nature and do not pose a threat to others. And a guinea pig is by no means a threat.

Guinea pigs, in general, are gentle and non-aggressive animals. As a result of this, they are easy to care for because of their tender nature. 

It also contributes to the fact that they are very popular pets.

They are tiny creatures who like to eat all day. As a result, keeping them as pets after domesticating them won’t be regarded as halal or haram at all in principle.

Keep in mind, however, that some animal specialists consider guinea pigs to be rodents despite the fact that they are not aggressive in any way.

This is due to the fact that they are sloppy and ignorant. If they are not handled properly or kept in a cage, they have a tendency to urinate and defecate. Their careless nature makes them unsanitary.

It is therefore recommended to only domesticate them if they are treated with the appropriate care, fed well, and protected from becoming unclean. Otherwise, they should be avoided altogether.

Taking good care of the creation of god is what you need to do. Provide them food and care for their well-being.

Now, it may come to your mind whether touching the guinea pigs would be considered haram or not.

Is it Haram to touch a guinea pig? 

No, it’s not haram or halal to touch a guinea pig.

You can certainly touch or pat a guinea pig. However, if it licks your hand or any other area, you must wash that part. Since it is considered unclean.

In Islam, there are certain restrictions regarding the saliva of pets. So, if your guinea pig’s saliva somehow gets on you or your cloth, simply wash them.

However, this does not mean that touching the guinea pig would be haram. You are certainly allowed to touch a cute little guinea pig.

Is Guinea Pig Allowed in Islam?

Yes, Guinea Pig is allowed in Islam.

There are many animals in the Quran which are quoted as haram or halal like pork, tiger, wolves, dogs, etc. However, there is no mention of guinea pigs in the Quran. 

So, since there is no information regarding guinea pigs in Islam, one can certainly adopt them as a pet.

Now that you know that guinea pigs are allowed in Islam, you may wonder whether you can take them as pets or not, right? Let’s discuss this further.

Are Guinea Pigs Halal to Keep as Pets?

Well, it is allowed to keep guinea pigs as pets in Islam as long as they are not mistreated in any way.

Since guinea pigs are newly discovered creatures, there is no specific mention of a guinea pig in the Quran.

However, people tend to confuse guinea pigs with pigs. In the ‘Quran’, having pigs is considered halal. So, people get confused. But, guinea pigs are not related to pigs as per their origin.  

So, as long the animal is not mentioned in the Quran, you can have it as a pet.

However, as a guinea pig owner, you would have to keep a few things in mind. Your pet should be kept carefully. You would have to make sure that the guinea pig does not pollute the house.

In short, take care of your guinea pig with quality food and environment.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, different religions have different rules and regulations. Among them, one is ‘halal’ or ‘haram’ in Islam.

When you belong to this religion you would have to consider these things when taking a pet.

So, since there is no mention of the guinea pig in the holy ‘Quran’, it is clear that the creature is allowed in Islam.

As long as you take care of that creature, it will be considered a good charity and an act of kindness.

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