Are Guinea Pigs Noisy? (5 Main reasons Why!)

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Understandably, most pet owners prefer quiet pets than loud ones. If you’re considering buying a guinea pig, you may want to know whether they are loud or not.

So, are guinea pigs noisy animals?

The answer is YES. Guinea pigs are noisy pets in general. Although these small pets do not make loud noises, they communicate with different sounds. 

Most times, guinea pigs can become very noisy when they are in distress or hungry.  

Now, we believe you understand that guinea pigs are noisy pets. But what factors can make a cavy begin to make noises? 

Read further to find out!

Why Are Guinea Pigs So Loud – 5 Possible Reasons

Here are 5 possible reasons your guinea pigs are so loud:

1. They Are Excited

Interestingly, your guinea pigs can make a “wheeking” sound when they are happy. 

Most times, these small pets make a long, loud whistle or squeal when it’s “meal” time. So, when your guinea pigs see a plate of their food, they will become loud.

2. They Are Content

Being content or comfortable can make your guinea pigs make loud noises. They tend to make a purring sound, followed by a calm posture. 

If your guinea pigs feel satisfied after eating a bowl of hay or fresh vegetables, they can get noisy.


If the purring sound has a high pitch, your cavy may be expressing anger.

3. They Are Angry

If your guinea pigs are angry, they will become so loud. One of the ways the pets express anger is by chattering their teeth.

It is easy to identify an angry cavy because its teeth will become visible. Guinea pigs also whine or moan to express their anger or dislike for one another. 

In a situation where your cavies are hungry, they can hiss like cats to show displeasure.

Sometimes, two or more guinea pigs can engage in a fight, which can result in more noise.

4. They Are In Distress

Note that the presence of a predator in your guinea pigs’ cage can cause them to make noises. 

If you hear a piercing, high-pitched squeak in their cage, the pets may be in distress. Sometimes, a sick guinea pig can also make this piercing noise.

Whenever your guinea pigs make a shrieking noise, check their environment for signs of danger.

5. They Are Ready To Mate

Most of the time, a sexually mature male cavy will make a rumbling sound to attract the females. 

Usually, this noise is followed by a funny “dance” which they perform by shifting their weights from side to side.  

Sometimes, a female cavy that is ready to mate can also make this rumbling noise.


Are Guinea Pigs Noisy At Night?

A Noisy Guinea Pig

Yes, guinea pigs can be noisy at night. Although the noises are not always too loud, the night silence can make them sound louder. 

Guinea pigs are crepuscular animals, which means they are active at dawn and dusk. They also take short naps at intervals throughout the day.

Make sure you provide enough hay and water for your guinea pigs at night. Hunger and thirst can make them feel uncomfortable, hence resulting in loud noises.


How Loud Can Guinea Pigs Get?

Guinea pigs can be as loud as other animals, despite their small sizes. If your guinea pigs are happy, they may get louder than usual.

Perhaps you’re playing with all your little pets at a time, they may whistle loudly at the same time.

But understand that it is not your guinea pigs’ nature to make very loud noises without reason. 

Can You Hear Guinea Pigs Through Walls?

No, you cannot hear guinea pigs through walls. Although your tiny pets can be vocal when communicating, they do not make too much noise. 

Therefore, it is impossible to hear your guinea pigs’ noises through walls.

What Are Unhappy Guinea Pigs Noises?

Here are 5 unhappy guinea pigs’ noises:


If you notice your guinea pigs are hissing like cats, it means they are irritated or angry. 

In case you forgot to feed them, your small pets can begin to hiss. It is better not to get too close to your guinea pigs to avoid aggressive behavior such as biting.


Same as most animals, guinea pigs growl when they are in distress. Usually, your small pets make the “drrrrr” sound when they feel threatened in their environment. 

Try to carry the cavy in your hands and pet him. If possible, change their environment to a more comfortable one.


Unhappy guinea pigs tend to make a high-pitched moan known as whining. Whenever your pets make this sound, it means something is disturbing or bothering them. 

Check their cage for anything that may cause a disturbance and remove it.  

Teeth Chattering

When you notice your guinea pigs are chattering their teeth, it means they are unhappy. It is one of the ways they express anger or agitation. 

They’ll expose their teeth at this point, which means you need to back off. If not, the angry guinea pig may bite you.


Sometimes, a sick or injured guinea pig may begin to whine to call your attention. Other times, your cavy can begin to whine if there’s a predator around. 

Anytime your guinea pigs begin to whine, check for signs of discomfort in their environment.

Final Thoughts

Now, we believe you know that guinea pigs can be noisy animals. However, they do not make noises without any reason. 

Factors responsible for noise-making in guinea pigs include happiness, anger, distress, and the readiness to mate.

Guinea pigs can be noisy at night because they sleep at intervals during the day. But by keeping them engaged at night with food and water, the noises will reduce.

Although guinea pigs make noises, their sounds cannot travel through walls.

Teeth chattering, hissing, growling, whining, and shrieking are some of the sounds your guinea pigs make when they are unhappy.

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