Why Do Mice Poop So Much? ( 2 Reasons Why | Solved!)

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Mice droppings are evidence that you have them hiding somewhere in your house.

You might have seen these droppings several times on the floor. And this makes you wonder – “why do mice really poop this much?”

Well, Let’s find that out in this article.

2 Main Reasons Why Mice Poop So Much

They Eat Too Much

A female mouse eating bread with her little baby.

Mice eat almost all the time because they require enough to maintain their metabolic rate. They eat both plant and meat diets such as nuts, fruits, seeds, berries, and meats. 

Wild mice eat more than home mice do. And sometimes, they eat up to 15 or 20 times per day.

But this largely depends on the availability of food in the wild.

When food is abundant, they store it in old abandoned animal burrows, empty nests, or cavities.

Other times, they hide it under rocks or bricks, or even the crevices of old structures.

They Lack Toilet Training

Most mice are not trained to use the toilet when they want to poop. 

This is especially true for mice in the wild, they poop anywhere and anytime they want.

In addition, some home mice are not toilet trained. However, owners can slowly teach them how to do it with a litter box.

This can be done by placing their waste in the litter box and having them smell it. 

Always check for places where the mice usually go in the bathroom and position the litter box there.

Do mice poop in the same place?

Yes, mice mostly poop in the same place.

They are much similar to humans, cats, and pigs; In the sense that they do not poop where they live or eat. 

They always find a specific area like cupboards or closets that they use as their ‘’toilet.’’. Sometimes, they entirely leave their nest to poop.

This means that mice are likely to choose locations in your house to leave their droppings. 

Where do mice usually poop?

Mice would often poop in the following areas around the house;

  • Kitchen, pantries, and some other places where foodstuffs are kept
  • Bathroom wardrobes and closet
  • Tiny holes in walls and crevices
  • Furniture
  • Besides home appliances,
  • Broken pipes and air vents
  • Crawl spaces and enclosures

When you see their droppings in any of these areas, then they have certainly infested your home.

How to prevent mice from pooping?

Are you ready to stop them from pooping?

Here’s what you should do:

For Pet mice

To stop your pet mouse from pooping, you have to carefully train it to get used to doing it in the right place. Here are the steps to follow;

  • STEP 1: Place a small litter box in the cage

Litter boxes have different sizes and forms. You can buy them online or from your favorite pet shop.

Make sure that the litter box you purchase is good enough to fit your mice’s body sizes. 

Also, to create a particular place for their poop, place the litter in one corner of the cage.

  • STEP 2: Put some dust-free litter into the litter box

Mice have sensitive noses, so you have to choose a dust-free and fragrance-free litter. 

Add some of it to the litter box so that it can catch the mice’s feces. You can use things like old newspapers or tissues.

  • STEP 3: Place some of your mice’s droppings in the litter box 

Collect about 4 -5  of your mice’s droppings and put them in the litter box.

Your mice will be able to return home by smelling where they went the last time to poop. 

Remember to use the most recent droppings in the cage so they can smell them better.

When you put them on litter, make sure their cage is clean so they won’t smell the other areas where their droppings used to be.

  • STEP: 4 Pick your mice and raise them to poop in the litter box

Mice sometimes will naturally urinate when you raise them.

At this stage, start holding your mice directly above the new litter box to help them learn to associate using the bathroom with the litter box area.

  • STEP 5: Encourage your mice whenever it uses the litter box

When your mice use the litter box, give them a treat to encourage good behavior. 

Compliment it cheerfully and give it a treat each time you first notice they are using the litter box during the first two to three weeks.

For Wild mice

To stop wild mice from pooping you have to fix all the areas that will help them gain entrance into the house.

Follow the steps below:

  • STEP 1: Close gaps and fix holes 

Repair, and plug holes inside and outside the house with steel wool and sealant. This help keeps wild mice from having entrance and pooping in the house.

Look for dime-sized holes next to fireplaces, pipes, and vents. (The holes will be bigger if they’ve already had their way into your home.)

  • STEP: 2 Don’t leave food around 

Food and nests are the two most important things to mice.

Remove any leftover food and store dry goods in strong, covered plastic containers, along with things like pet food and seed. 

Take out the garbage frequently, and swap cardboard boxes so that wild mice won’t feed on them and poop.

Clean up any mess outside and move potential hiding places like firewood stacks far away from the home.

How many times do mice poop a day?

Mice poop between 40 – 100 droppings per day.

Research by the National Pest Management Association has confirmed this, and these poop look dark in color with pointed edges. 


The main reasons why mice poop too much are because they eat too much and they lack toilet training.

They usually poop in one place…mostly in places like the kitchen, bathroom, furniture, and drawer.

In a day, mice can poop up to 40 to 100 droppings and this can be a little disturbing thus, you can stop it by following the outlined steps in this article.

It’s clear to you now why mice poop a lot and where they love doing it. Is it true that they lay eggs just the same way they lay their poop? 

See our article ‘’Do Mice Lay Eggs or Give Birth?’’ to learn more.

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