Are Guinea Pigs Bad Pets? (The Bad & The Good – Explained)

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Are guinea pigs bad pets?

In a word, no. In many more words, guinea pigs are great pets!

Guinea pigs have been pets for hundreds of years throughout the world ever since. While they aren’t necessarily cuddly like a cat or dog, they make great pets in their own way!

Pet ownership statistics show that guinea pigs are the fifth most popular pet in America, but there is a lot of misinformation about these furry little guys.

Many people think they are dirty animals or that they might be aggressive. This is simply not true!

Now, if guinea pigs make great pets, you may be wondering why some people considered them bad pets. Let’s discuss this below.

Why Are Guinea Pigs Considered Bad Pets?

They Are Dirty Pets

Many people think that guinea pigs are dirty, smelly pets to have in their homes. They might think that they will spread harmful germs or diseases. 

It is important to remember that all animals live in their own little ecosystem and they are not dirty simply because you cannot see germs or bacteria on their bodies.

You have to keep your guinea pigs in a clean home, but they are no dirtier than any other animal.

It Is Hard to Take Care of Them

Many people think that taking care of guinea pigs is more difficult than other pets like cats and dogs. While they need to be cared for, many people don’t realize how much love and attention these little creatures want.

They should be allowed out of their cage for at least a few hours every day so they can run around and play. They also need to be fed regularly, given fresh water and have their cages kept clean.

Require a Lot of Space to Roam

People who live in small apartments might think that they cannot have guinea pigs as pets. While it’s true that you need to let them out of their cages, they don’t need as much space as horses. 

Guinea pigs should be allowed at least a medium-sized room to run around and play.

They Are Noisy Pets

For some reason, people think guinea pigs are loud pets who squeak or squeal constantly. While they can be noisy, they don’t have to be. 

With some training, guinea pigs can learn to make as much noise as you want or as little as you want. Just like with any animal, the more noise they make, the less likely you are to want them as a pet.

They Are Aggressive Pets

Many people assume that guinea pigs are aggressive or mean. This is not the case at all!

Guinea pigs are creatures of habit and routine, so they are more likely to get nervous or scared if something is too different. 

This means you have to be watchful to make sure they are always happy and comfortable, otherwise, they might be frustrated.

Many People Think of them as Disgusting

It is just disgusting, right? Wrong! They are animals, they live their lives differently than we do.

Instead of thinking of them as dirty or gross, think of them for what they are: a small furry friend who will always love you unconditionally.

They are Expensive Pets

Guinea pigs need a lot of supplies and they aren’t cheap. You have to make sure you can afford everything from the cage, food bowl, water bottle, and different toys to keep them from getting bored when they are out of their cage. 

This can add up quickly and you have to make sure you can afford to keep them healthy and happy. While these animals might look like bad pets, they are some of the best pets you could ask for! 

However, their only downside is that they do need a lot more care than other animals. But as long as you are willing to give them the love and attention they need, then they will only bring positivity into your life.

So, what makes these creatures great pets? Keep reading to find out!

Why Do Guinea Pigs Make Great Pets?

They Are Great at Connecting with People

No matter who you are, how old or young you are, or what kind of personality you have, guinea pigs are the perfect pet for just about anyone. 

They love it when you hold them or carry them around. These creatures just adore spending time with humans!

They are tiny enough to be held in one hand, so you can take them with you almost anywhere.

They Are Very Affectionate

People who don’t like animals might think that guinea pigs are terrible pets because they don’t understand how affectionate they are.

Guinea pigs are very gentle creatures who love snuggling up to their owners and giving kisses on the face. They get excited when you come home and like to greet you with lots of affection.

Read this for a full guide: Are Guinea Pigs Affectionate?

They Will Cuddle Up on Your Lap

You can’t really sit down and do work on your computer when you have a guinea pig because they are always climbing up to sit on your lap.

They love getting as much attention from their owner as they can, so if you are sitting down and enjoying something, your cavy will be right there next to you.

They Are Never Bored

Even though guinea pigs are very small in size, they need a lot of mental stimulation to be happy. If you just sit down and watch TV all day, your guinea pig will probably get bored and might chew on cables or hurt themselves. 

You want to make sure you give your cavy plenty of toys to play with and challenge them to use their brain.

They Will Never Leave You

Guinea pigs are very loyal creatures who never want to leave your side. If you are eating, they will sit right beside the table next to you and wait for a treat. 

If you are sitting down to do something, they will jump up onto your lap and curl up. They’ll try anything to get near to you and give you a pat on the head.

They Are Just Too Cute

In case you couldn’t tell from all the other reasons on this list, guinea pigs are just really cute. If you aren’t a fan of cuddly animals, then you probably wouldn’t be a fan of these creatures, but if you do love them, then they are perfect.

They Live Long Lives

If you are looking for a pet that will be with you longer than any other, then guinea pigs are the way to go. These little pets live about five to seven years, which is one of the longest lifespans of small animals. 

Also, guinea pigs are easy enough to take care of and keep healthy, and they will give you plenty of love for many years to come.

They Have Strong Immune System

One of the best things about guinea pigs is that they have a very strong immune system. They are able to resist most diseases and parasites, and they rarely get sick.

This means that you can keep them in your house with no worry of anything bad happening to them!

So Are Guinea Pigs Good Pets or Bad Pets?

As you can see, guinea pigs are great pets. They need a lot of care and attention, but they also give a lot of love and affection in return.

They are perfect for families with children, for people who don’t have a lot of time to take care of an animal, and for people who aren’t able to take care of bigger pets with a strong prey drive.

So with all these reasons to love guinea pigs, we think we can safely say that they make great pets.

If you’ve never considered getting guinea pigs as pets before, you should definitely do some research about them. You might find that they are the perfect pet for you!

Are Guinea Pigs Bad Pets Than Hamsters?

It depends. Guinea pigs and hamsters have many similar qualities, but there are also some things that separate them from each other. They can both be affectionate, cuddly creatures who love to snuggle up with their owners.

Guinea pigs are better than hamsters because they can live longer and be happier if they are given plenty of mental stimulation. On the other hand, hamsters are more low maintenance than guinea pigs, and they live shorter lives.

Guinea pigs have a stronger immune system than hamsters, but hamsters are also more adaptable to different living conditions.

In the end, both guinea pigs and hamsters can be wonderful pets for people who love small, furry creatures.

Are Guinea Pigs Bad Pets Than Rabbits?

No, guinea pigs are not bad pets. Although guinea pigs and rabbits are both very different pets, guinea pigs are better than rabbits in the following ways:

  • Guinea pigs are much smaller than rabbits, so it’s easier to give them the cuddling they need.
  • Rabbits can be more destructive than guinea pigs, so they need to have lots of toys and places to chew to keep them entertained.
  • Guinea pigs are much easier pets than rabbits, making them a better choice for people who may not have time to dedicate to caring for an animal.
  • Guinea pigs are better than rabbits at getting along with other pets, like cats and dogs.

Are Guinea Pigs Bad Pets for Emotional Support?

No, guinea pigs are amazing pets for emotional support. They are known to make people feel relaxed and reduce stress when they sit with their owners.

For this reason, they are often used in animal therapy to help anxious and stressed pupils.

They are very affectionate and can give you plenty of snuggles and cuddles when you need them. They also love to interact with you—which means they can be a great distraction from bad thoughts or problems.

But remember that guinea pigs are sensitive creatures who need lots of love and attention. If you aren’t ready for a pet that needs so much care, guinea pigs may not be the right choice for you.

Are Guinea Pigs Smelly Pets?

No, guinea pigs are not as smelly as you might think. If you take care of their bedding and cage frequently, they shouldn’t smell too much.

You will definitely want to give them a bath, though, because they can get pretty dirty!

Are Guinea Pigs Dirty Pets?

No, guinea pigs are not dirty pets. They don’t need to be bathed very often, and they won’t make any messes around your home that you can’t easily clean up. 

However, they are really sweet animals who love to cuddle, so you might find that their fur gets all over your clothes when they try to get close!

Final Thoughts

Guinea pigs are very sweet pets who make great family pets, especially for people with small children. They are also affectionate creatures who need plenty of love and attention, so they will be happiest when they live in a home that can give them that care.

They may not be the right pet for everyone simply because they require more time than some other animals might.

Still, if you’re looking to get an adorable critter as a companion, guinea pigs should definitely be on your list of potentials!

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