Are Guinea Pigs Dramatic? (5 Signs You Should Check!)

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Your guinea pigs may be friendly, but sometimes they can overreact at some point. . For example, my guinea pig just suddenly cries after turning on the faucet.

Does it make you wonder if guinea pigs can be dramatic?


At times, guinea pigs can be very dramatic when it comes to expressing themselves. They use different types of noises and move weirdly to express their emotions.

However, the dramatic display of their feelings depends on different guinea pigs and their personalities.

One of the major factors that influence their emotion is trust. 

If you have managed to gain your cavy’s trust, you will soon enjoy their different dramatic acts.

If you’re wondering how guinea pigs can be dramatic, here are 5 signs that you should check:

5 Signs that Your Guinea Pigs are Dramatic

a guinea pig in a garden

If you are not sure about guinea pigs being dramatic, let’s focus on some common scenarios that show how dramatic guinea pigs can be.

1. Your Guinea Pig Comes Running When You Call Them

As I said mentioned earlier, guinea pigs get dramatic when they start trusting you as their owner.

A common thing you must have observed if you own a cavy is the noise they make when they are happy to see you.

Guinea pigs start whistling and come running when called upon by their owners. 

The whistling sound is a bit too dramatic a way of showing how excited they are, even if you are in front of them the whole day.

2. The Dramatic Squeaky Noise and Sad Look When It’s Time for Bath

If you have guinea pigs as your pet, you are sure to get that “please spare me the bath” look once in a while.

Guinea pigs hate their bath time, and they get too dramatic to show that. 

I have observed this many times that they squeak noisily right from the moment you prepare a bath for them. 

The drama gets better when you try to get them into the tub. Your guinea will look at you with their beady watery eyes with an expression that says, “Please don’t do this :(”.

That’s not all the drama!

Some guinea pigs even stand on their hind legs and try to hide before you pick them up for the bath. 

There have been several cases when the cavies tried to leap off the tub while they were still soapy and wet!

That’s a lot of drama to avoid a bath. Isn’t it?

3. The Scared and Squabbling to Avoid Nail Clipping:

Guinea pigs not only hate their bath time but also try to escape when it’s time to clip their nails.

Your cavies will hardly stay calmly in your hands when you show them the clipper.

They start squealing and squabbling fearfully in an attempt to escape the dreadful time for nail clipping.

One has to be especially careful as your guinea pigs may hurt themselves while moving frantically.

4. Your Guinea Pigs Squeak Loudly When They Don’t Like You to Touch Them

It is not uncommon to think that your guinea pig is in pain when you pick them up. 

Each time you pick them up, they are likely to squeak too loudly if they are not in the mood for cuddles, One might think that there is some kind of pain in their body.

But the screaming stops the moment you put them back in their cage!

It clearly shows that they dramatically tell you not to touch them at that moment.

5. Popcorning at the Sight of Food.

Guinea pigs easily get excited at the sight of their food. The common reaction to their excitement is “Popcorning” or jumping like a horse, along with a chirpy whistle.

It is quite funny and entertaining how they jump every time you bring them food.

Can Guinea Pigs be Emotional Support Animals?

Two Emotional Support Animals - a guinea pig and a dog, interacting

Yes, absolutely. Guinea pigs are great as at-home emotional animals or as otherwise termed, Emotional Support Animals (ESA). 

They are small in size, easy to care for, and offer lots of cuddle times. In short, they are perfect as ESA who help in mood uplifting.

So, if you are having a gloomy day, spend some time with your cavy and see how your mood changes.

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7 Benefits of Having Guinea Pigs as Emotional Support Animals

  1. They are very playful and friendly excel in keeping their owners entertained.
  2. Guinea pigs’ display of love upon seeing you helps in dealing with the stress and anxiety of your daily life.
  3. Cavies can easily recognize their owners and greet them. Such greetings make you feel wanted.
  4. Guinea pigs make different noises and purr, just like cats do. So, if you are having a dull day, you can just pet your cavy to get some warmth and have fun.
  5. It is quite fun to watch your cavies showing dramatic behaviors like “Popcorning” when they get excited.
  6. Guinea pigs are great long-companions as support animals. They will be by your side for about 5-7 years on average.
  7. Cuddling with your guinea pigs makes you feel less lonely and cared for.

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Do Guinea Pigs Like Attention?

Guinea pig seeking attention from a tea cup

Yes, guinea pigs like attention. In fact, they enjoy every form of interaction with their owners.

It is not only what they like; attention is also a necessity for cavies as they are social animals.

Apart from craving attention from their owners, guinea pigs also need to be around other guinea pigs and animals.

Can Guinea Pigs Sense Sadness?

Yes. Guinea pigs can sense when you are sad.

These intelligent animals follow your actions and your voice to understand if you are sad.

Not only do they sense your sadness, but they also act in a different way. Sometimes they try and comfort you when they notice you low.

Do Guinea Pigs Cry?

Not really. 

Our cavies are undoubtedly very emotional and mourn when their companions die. But they don’t literally cry or shed tears when they are sad.

However, guinea pigs, like other mammals, do produce real teardrops that keep their eyes clean and moist.

Can Guinea Pigs Go Crazy?

No. Guinea pigs don’t literally go crazy or insane.

But they often act like crazy and run around when they are super excited or happy. 

Guinea pigs are hyperactive animals with lots of energy. Hence, their way of expressing themselves is sort of crazy.

Final Thoughts

Guinea pigs can be very dramatic under different situations. They start becoming dramatic when they trust their owners.

They typically make dramatic squeaky noises when they want to avoid bath and grooming. Apart from that, they have crazy moves to show that they are excited.

Cavies being intelligent and emotional animals, often sense your sadness and try to comfort you. Also, they entertain us in different ways and relieve us of our stress and pain.

Hence, they are often considered emotional support animals among pet owners.

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