Can Guinea Pigs Understand Humans?

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Common pets like dogs are well known to understand humans. However, is this the same case with small pets like guinea pigs? 

The short answer is YES! Guinea pigs can understand humans. With training guinea pigs can learn to answer their names and follow commands.

They can equally understand body language and spot mood changes in humans. They’re social animals and love to communicate back. 

However, we don’t speak their language so they won’t understand everything we say. They don’t understand humans as fast and better as pets like dogs and cats.

We’ve seen that guinea pigs can understand humans. However, you probably want to know how they do it.

Let’s find out below! 

How Do Guinea Pigs Understand Humans

By Sound

Guinea pigs’ ears are very sensitive and can identify sounds in different tones. This is among the main ways guinea pigs can recognize you. 

They can know their owners or tell between different people by the sound and tone of their voice. Their amazing sense of hearing also helps them learn and understand some commands. 

You should know that guinea pigs don’t understand the exact words we use. They get familiar with words by the tone and how often you use them.

For example, words you use whenever you want to feed them or during playtime. This helps them get familiar with certain words or commands when they hear it. 

The fact remains that guinea pigs are clever and with good training, they can understand you better.

By Sight

Guinea pigs can observe with their eyes what humans are trying to tell them. These creatures can understand gestures and body language.

The ability to see gestures helps them learn tricks. Just like if a guinea pig sees you passing a ball to it, it’ll want to do the same. 

These little creatures can equally know your mood by just watching the way you act. They spot changes in behavior that seem different from usual. 

Additionally, during litter box training where you place some guinea pigs’ poop in a litter box. They can understand this because they observe.

Guinea pigs understand that such practice means their poop belongs only in the litter box. And with constant training, they’ll obey.

By Scent 

A guinea pig’s sense of smell greatly helps them notice and understand human behaviors. Aside from your voice, your guinea pig can recognize you by your scent.

Their strong sense of smell also comes in handy when differentiating between people. Being able to identify your scent builds their confidence around you. 

Guinea pigs can only see close things clearly, so their sense of smell helps them notice things from afar. It helps them even know when you’re about to serve them meals.

Take Note: 

Do not wear strong perfume around your guinea pigs. Guinea pigs have a strong sense of smell. 

The smell of perfumes will cover up the normal scent that your cavy uses to identify you. As a result, you might end up becoming a stranger to your little pet at that very moment.

By Touch

Guinea Pigs Receiving Affection from it's Owner

Guinea pigs don’t only show affection but they understand when you love them. Petting and cuddling your guinea pigs makes them feel loved.

Guinea pigs love attention and can express this by getting very close to you. This happens mostly when they feel safe around you.

These creatures also feel love among many other emotions. They express this by getting so close to you. 

They also understand that humans express their love by touch, especially when you pet them. Besides, why else would they allow it?

Guinea pigs can always get this loving attention by making loud and non-stop wheeks. Moreover, this mostly common when your guinea pig has a strong bond with you.

Interestingly, guinea pigs are good at spotting emotions. They can cuddle so close to their owners when they notice they’re sad. They just make great emotional support pets! 

Signs That Your Guinea Pigs Understand You

They’ll Respond to Their Names

It’s always a good thing when a guinea pig finally learns its name. What’s interesting is when they respond to their names. 

It’s fun to watch them make happy noises every time you call them. This means they understand you. 

They’ll Follow Commands and Instructions 

That’s right! Guinea pigs will do what you command them to do If they understand you. They’ll move to directions you order them to go to. 

You should know that guinea pigs won’t use the litter box if they never understood the instructions you gave. 

“Come” and “Go” aren’t guinea pig words yet with training these creatures can follow these simple commands. Hence, If a guinea pig understands your commands, it will follow them.

Final Thoughts

In summary, guinea pigs can understand humans. However, they can’t engage in conversations with humans. That’s not possible.

Nevertheless, they can hear and understand some words but only by the way it sounds and when you use them. It doesn’t mean they know the word itself.

Guinea pigs can also see and understand gestures and body language. They can follow commands that you give them. 

The extent to which a guinea pig can understand you depends on the training and your relationship with them. 

The more you spend time with them the more they’ll understand you.

And if you ever think guinea pigs aren’t smart at all, check out these 8 proofs that guinea pigs aren’t dumb. 

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