Why Does My Guinea Pig Wheek So Much? (Explained & Solved!)

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Wheeking is a normal sound that every guinea pig makes. However, if it happens that your guinea pig does it so much you may be concerned and ask yourself – why does my guinea pig wheek so much?

Guinea pigs can wheek so much to show they’re happy or when they approve of something. Moreover, the slightest suspicion of them getting food can make them wheek so much too.

Guinea pigs can also wheek so much for attention. When you spend time with them, they could still wheek just to show they’re enjoying your company.

This is a sound that’s directed at humans mostly. So, they need something that they can only get from you.

Now, let’s discuss each reason in detail so you can fully understand your pets. 

3 Reasons Why Your Guinea Pig Wheek So Much

Your Guinea Pigs Can Wheek So Much When They’re Happy

When your guinea pig is happy, it can wheek so loud to show it. These wheeks can mean they approve of something.

These wheeking can also happen during playtime and other things that get them very excited. It could be they’re happy with you around them or maybe the food you gave to them.

These are the kind of wheek your little pets will make when they’re glad to see you. It’s just similar to when a dog is wagging its tail around its owners.

This happiness also comes when you let them out of the cage. They’ll wheek so loud and could even popcorn (a guinea pig’s happy dance)

Your Guinea Pigs Can Wheek So Much for Attention

When a guinea pig’s wheek becomes so loud and disturbing, you might just be curious to check them out. 

Interestingly, that’s just what your furry friends wanted – your attention!

They could be bored and need you around them. It could be they want to play or just want you to pet them.

 So, the best way to get you running to them is to make loud and nonstop wheeks. 

These little pets can be quite amusing! 

They know the noises can give you concern. However, this is a sign your guinea pigs are comfortable around you.

In addition, guinea pigs are smart creatures. They can easily tell it’s you when they hear your footsteps or voice. It’s all about seeking attention.

So, they can wheek just to let you know that they recognize you or to get you to recognize their presence.

These wheeks can mean, “come check me out! I’m right over here…”

Your Guinea Pigs Can Wheek So Much for Food 

Of course, Guinea pigs can wheek so much whenever they’re hungry or thirsty. So, don’t be surprised to hear loud wheeks when it’s mealtime or near it.

Moreover, these creatures can still wheek so much despite having a lot of food in their cage. 

This has given many owners concerns; They feel they’re not serving their guinea pigs the right foods. 

However, this isn’t the case. Guinea pigs can wheek so much for food even if they’re not hungry. These little pets have a habit of trying to test every new food they see. 

It doesn’t matter if they’re eating at the moment. If they see you heading their way with food, they’ll keep wheeking for a bite

Even sounds relating to food can attract disturbing wheeks from these creatures. It could be they hear a plastic bag rustling or even you open the fridge. 

These might be sounds they normally hear around mealtime or whenever they’re about to get tasty treats.

Why Does My Guinea Pig Constantly Wheek?

They can constantly wheek if they don’t get what they want. These non-stop wheeks might go on if you don’t attend to them. 

If it’s all about your attention and you don’t show up, guinea pigs can keep on wheeking until they have you around them. 

If it’s about food, guinea pigs will constantly wheek if they’re very hungry or just to get a particular food.

Moreover, these constant wheeks can also happen for no reason. We’ll be looking at if guinea pigs can also wheek for no reason next.

Do Guinea Pigs Wheek for No Reason?

Yes, guinea pigs can wheek for no reason. These are the kind of wheeks without a cause. 

You’ll just see your guinea pigs doing it all the time. They won’t wheek for attention, food, or even happiness. 

They’ll just wheek so much like they enjoy doing so. This is very common with guinea pigs that have noisy personalities.

So, if you have a noisy guinea pig, loud and disturbing wheeking is one of the disturbing noises they’ll make.

Why is My Guinea Pig Not Wheeking?

Should you be concerned about this? Of course!  You’ve seen that guinea pigs wheek for many reasons. 

So, if your guinea pigs don’t wheek so much, maybe they’re just the guinea pigs with quiet personalities. However, if they don’t wheek at all, there’s a problem. 

You should know that wheeking is the normal sound that should come from your guinea pig very often. So, it’s strange if they don’t do it all.

However, if this is the case with your guinea pigs, you should take them to the vet to check them up.

What Other Sounds Do Guinea Pigs Do Besides Wheeking?

Guinea pigs make different kinds of noises to show they want something or just how they’re feeling.

Here are 5 different guinea pigs sounds they can make:

  • Chutting – guinea pigs are relaxed, having fun exploring, happy with what they’re doing…
  • Purring – This sound had two opposite meanings. It means a guinea pig likes something or not.
  • Rumbling – mating communication, showing dominance, about to begin a fight.
  • Complaining –  a guinea pig doesn’t want to share something, like food or space.
  • Teeth-chattering – warning sign, bothered about something, in pain…

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Final Thoughts

To sum up, guinea pigs wheek so much because they’re happy, hungry, or just want your attention. Moreover, your guinea pigs can still wheek for no reason at all.

This is common with guinea pigs that have noisy personalities. The noises might give you concern, but that’s the guinea pig’s best way to communicate and express themselves.

So, if you have guinea pigs that wheek so much, it shouldn’t give you concern. Wheeking is not a sound of pain or any bad feeling.

Moreover, from this article, you can tell that a wheeking guinea pig is a happy one.

If they’re so quiet, they might not be happy or even comfortable around you. Moreover, you shouldn’t forget that it’s strange if they don’t wheek at all.

You can learn more about guinea pig sounds in our full article, “guinea pig’s noises and what they mean”.

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