19 Reasons Why Guinea Pigs are the Cutest (w/ Videos!)

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I’m a piggy owner. And if you ever own one, you’ll definitely agree that they are the cutest! Do you ever wonder why they have such cute traits

Well, it is because they are naturally fluffy, friendly, charming, and super adorable. 

But that’s not all!

In this article, I will give you 19 reasons why guinea pigs are the cutest pets ever!

1. Guinea Pigs Are Friendly and Gentle

Guinea pigs are friendly and gentle creatures. You will rarely find them biting people. 

Almost all the guinea pigs you come across will be very obedient and sweet.

These adorable rodents will also not chew through your carpet and shoes as they are not destructive. 

They are peace-loving creatures who will only cuddle with you but not harm you. That’s also a reason why guinea pigs make perfect pets for your kids. 

2. They are Literal Fluff Toys

Guinea pigs look like real-life miniature teddy bears. Think about a cross between a rabbit and a mouse, and you get a guinea pig. 

They are cute, alright, but they are also soft. Some breeds of guinea pigs have long shiny hair. 

You won’t be able to stop touching them once you know how soft they are.

3. They Love to Cuddle 

Guinea pigs are cuddle-friendly animals. They love a good cuddle every now and then. 

Breeds like Texel and Teddy like to be cuddly and to be held. Bonding with a guinea pig can lead them to want to cuddle with you. 

It depends on the mood of the guinea pig and the bond it shares with you. All in all, they are pretty calm creatures who can be held in your hands.

4. Guinea Pigs Can ‘POP’ Like Popcorn 

Another thing Guinea Pigs can do is some cool popcorning! 

But what exactly is ‘popcorning’?

Let’s understand it by taking the example of popcorn. I’m sure you all love eating popcorn.

But the most interesting thing about them is to see them getting cooked. 

Popcorn makes a “pop” sound and “jumps” in our pan when heated. 

Similarly, guinea pigs start to hop and jump when they are excited, and this act is called popcorning. 

They also make cute noises while popcorning. One minute your guinea pigs are fine and calm. And the next minute you see them jumping around and making squealing sounds. 

If you see your pet popcorning, it means they are happy. Isn’t it awesome that they pop up like corn kernels when they are excited?

5. They Make Cute Noises 

A picture of three cute guinea pigs

When you own guinea pigs, you have to know their cute habit of making noises. Guinea pig noises are so cute that they would melt your heart. 

Whether to ask for treats or attention, the squeals are sure too cute to ignore. Guinea pigs are known to make loud whistle noises when they are excited. 

Your cavy will make similar purring noises like a cat when they are content.

They are able to make a bunch of different noises, like chirping like a bird. The squeals can be heard when you nuzzle them.

6. Guinea Pigs Can Recognize You 

A guinea pig can make happy noises when its owner is nearby. Did you know guinea pigs can actually recognize their owners?

They are smart creatures who can recognize their owner. Guinea pigs can be shy with strangers, but their personalities shine with the people they are close with. 

With time, these cuties can learn to recognize their owner’s and human smell, voice, and even footsteps. 

7. Guinea Pigs Can Be Trained 

A guinea pig litter can be trained and learn to do basic tricks. 

Tricks like doing high-fives, jumps, and spins can be taught to them with a bit of training and encouragement. 

Treat them while training and train them for a few minutes a day. The popcorning can also be trained.

 Every time your guinea pig does a popcorn, associate it with a command like ‘pop’ or so.

8. Guinea Pigs Love Their Owners

Pet owners always ask themselves if their pet loves them or not. If your guinea pig licks you, then it means it loves you. 

Guinea pigs groom the people they love. If it is licking you, then it is one of the biggest proofs that it loves you. 

They do this in order to let their owners know how happy and content they are.

9. They Love Nuzzling 

Guinea pigs love to show their owners how much they love them. They love to nuzzle against their friends and family. 

Nuzzling is nothing but rubbing or pushing gently with one’s nose or head. 

It is very similar to a cat rubbing its head on their owners. Guinea pigs will gently brush their heads against you to show love. 

10.  Guinea Pigs Can Kiss You 

Yes, along with bopping their head on you and cuddling, they can kiss you. Isn’t it a cute gesture?

They come close to you, making a smacking sound with their lips twitching. It is very different from nibbling; their lips move backward and forwards.

 It’s cute to watch and imagine how it would feel if a loving creature kisses you.

11.  They Are Stress Relievers And Great For Anxiety 

Guinea pigs are always in a bright mood. It should not come as a surprise to know that they are great with anxiety.

It is almost impossible to not like them and laugh at their silly behaviors!

They are funny without trying, they fight each other for food, and they also kick their legs while sleeping. They are fun to watch.

12.  Guinea Pigs Are Always In The Mood For Fun 

But why is watching guinea pigs playing and enjoying themselves funny every time? 

One of the funniest things they would do is make a ‘piggy train’. All of your guinea pigs will line up and walk around the cage in a single line. 

They also like to change their surroundings. So, pet owners sometimes catch them trying to move things inside their cages. 

They are very vocal so you will also be able to hear them when they do anything fun.

13.  They Come In All Colors And Hairstyles 

Just as mentioned before, guinea pigs come in different colors, sizes, and hairstyles. They can have chocolate, beige, cream, and white colored coating. 

But you can also see some in blue, golden, red, and suede. Their belly hair can be ‘agouti,’ and the remaining fur is ticked. 

Different types of breeds have different types of hairstyles. There are plenty to choose from, like long-haired, wired hair, or no hair. 

There is also a ‘crazy hair type’ which has short hair sticking up in every direction.

Long-haired ones look like floor mops and hairless ones are called ‘house hippos’.

14.  They Have Different Personalities

Along with great distinguished hair and colors, these cavies also come with different personalities. 

Some guinea pigs are adventurous, while others may be bossy. Some can have a sassy personality and question every action you do. 

Some can be clowns who can make you laugh in everything they do. But one thing is common, they are all very curious and love to explore.

15.  Guinea Pigs Are Smart Animals 

Guinea pigs are very intelligent animals. These creatures can learn their names and simple commands. 

Your adored pet can also be smart enough to adapt to your schedule. They are mainly active during the day but can change their internal clock along with their free time. 

Guinea pigs can adjust to being active when you spend your time with them. They can also wait for you when you come to feed them or play with them.

16.  They Are Social Animals 

Guinea pigs are very social animals. They like to stay in a group or pair. The guinea pigs who live together can play but also fight among themselves. 

But when housing guinea pigs, always remember to keep males and females separated as they breed very fast.

17.  Guinea Pigs Are Happy-Go-Lucky 

Guinea pigs are very easygoing. They have clear mottos in life. They love to eat, play, cuddle, socialize, and also to spend time with their owners.

Their individual personalities are unique, and they see their owner as their parent.

18.  Guinea Pigs Have Cute Body Parts 

Guinea pigs look cute with their tiny bead-like eyes. They also have cute noses, which they scrunch while snooping around, literally wiggling. 

The tufts of hair around their mouth and the way their body jiggles while walking. 

19.  Guinea Pigs Are Crazy About Grass 

A picture showing guinea pigs love grass

Guinea pigs are herbivores, and they are crazy about grass. Their diet consists of several fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, and a large amount of hay. 

They love food very much, and they are also very happy while eating. Every time your guinea pig eats, you can notice the amount of excitement they have!

To Sum Up

Guinea pigs are the most adorable and cutest creature to ever walk on the planet. They not only look cute, but their habits are also cute. 

These little fluff balls not only make cute noises, but they are also good at nuzzling and kissing. 

Owning a guinea pig as your pet means that you will have someone who can love you unconditionally. They are intelligent enough to remember and identify you once you form a deep bond with them. 

You can also train them to do little tricks or just for your own convenience while cleaning. When you have a guinea pig in your house, there is no way you can get bored. 

Guinea pigs are the cutest creatures with their cute noises, ‘piggy trains,’ and lovable attitudes.

Do you know these furry creatures will also miss you if left alone? Don’t believe me? Read Do Guinea Pigs Miss Their Owner? to know. 

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